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Ms. 'Splosion Man Beta Announced

Ms. 'Splosion Man

In a rare move for an XBLA title, Twisted Pixel Games is giving away free beta access to their latest work in progress, Ms. 'Splosion Man. As a quick refresher, Ms. 'Splosion Man is a 2d side scroller, and direct sequel to the popular 2009 XBLA game, 'Splosion Man. Beta access will be given on a first come first served basis. To register for the beta of Ms. 'Splosion Man follow the hyperlink. The registration window will be from yesterday, May 24, to June 12.

The official blog post said that they will accept roughly 10,000 applicants to the beta access. The main goal of this semi open beta is to test the online functionality of the game. Twisted Pixel Games will give players two multiplayer levels each week. The beta is slated to last from June 6 to June 24. The game is set for a Q3 release this year, so the game may only need a few more finishing touches before it's ready for final release.

Update: Sign ups for the Ms. 'Splosion Man early access beta are now closed.

Via Ms. 'Splosion Man Dev Blog


The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Review

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile

Fast paced gameplay, ultra violence, and buckets of blood - Vampire Smile has it all.

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile picks up after the previous installment, Dead Samurai. The game opens by focusing on Yuki, The Dishwasher's sister, before quickly giving the player the choice of who they'd prefer to continue the story as. This choice, while not actually changing locations visited, affects what weapons you will use as well as the story that's told. Vampire Smile's plot is a dark tale that goes rather smoothly, but it just isn't the reason to stay along for the ride.

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Screenshot

To the contrary, Vampire Smile's gameplay is its obvious selling point. This is a very fast-paced hack-and-slash game; the character is often jumping all around the screen dodging enemy attacks as well as unleashing brutal strikes on your foes. There are a variety of weapons at your disposal, which range from a basic sword to a massive hammer. All that's really required to know about these weapons is that they will hurt your enemies, a lot. Blood and gore is plentiful; with each hit on an enemy spraying blood around the map. In fact, the majority of enemies are often seen being vanquished with swift (sometimes slow and painful) decapitations.



Capcom Cancels Megan Man Universe

Mega Man Universe

Last night Capcom announced the cancellation of their upcoming title Mega Man Universe. Capcom made the announcement on the official Mega Man Universe website here. It's in Japanese, but aside from a few confusing grammar mistakes, Google Translate does a decent job of making it readable. Mega Man Universe was going to be released for both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. It was going to be made like their classic side scrollers, but with 3d character models. The game was also going to include a level editor and customizable characters.

Via IGN News


Full House Poker Review

Full House Poker Logo

Avatar Poker, Texas Hold-Em Style.

Poker has had its fair share of virtual renditions over the years. Most turning out to be more boring then fun. Some games take the more realistic approach, while others are as basic as cards and chips. Full House Poker takes the middle ground using the Xbox 360 Avatars and created a quick poker experience with some humor and appeal.

Full House Poker Screenshot

Texas Hold 'Em is the type of poker you will be playing in Full House Poker. Being a relatively fast type of poker lends itself well to the gameplay. The user doesn't have too long if he folds early. The game gives you the ability to fast forward if you fold. While playing the single player, you earn experience points for almost everything you do on the table.



Double Fine Announces XBLA Exclusive at GDC

Trenched Screenshot

Tim Schafer, producer of Brutal Legend, has announced his next project. "Turn no-man's land into real man's land." This clever play on words referencing WWI trenches is the premise of Double Fine Productions' newest title. The game is called Trenched; it features mobile trench warfare. The mobile trenches look like the bottom half of a mech with a trench on the top complete with sandbags, soldiers and artillery.

Although no details have been announced, just like any mech game the mobile trenches are customizable, which was showcased as a major aspect of the game. The trailer also implied that there will be coop with players from around the world. Check out the trailer here. Trenched is an XBLA exclusive.