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EA Download 2012 Wrap Up


EA held their annual E3 press conference earlier today, kicking things off with a new trailer for Dead Space 3, along with a stage demo for the game's just confirmed co-op mode. Featuring drop in, drop out 2 player, we are introduced to a new character: John Carver. Also introduced was a new, hoth-like ice planet, sometime during act 2 of the game. Opting for less of the atmospheric scares of the first two games, in favor of large scale action, Dead Space 3 will hit stores next February. Next up, came Madden 13. Madden fans can expect a new graphics engine, called infinity, as well as an all new connected careers gameplay mode. Connected careers mode has a story surrounding your league, along with a (fictitious) in-game virtual twitter feed.

On the social gaming front, just as The Sims did last year, Sim City is hitting Facebook in a big way. Sim City: Social will be free to play, and will be coming to Facebook within the next few weeks. On a second Sim City note, a new PC based version has been announced, featuring a new graphics engine, and in a series first, multiplayer. Sim City will be launching for the PC next February.



EA Staffing for New Dead Space & Army of Two?

Visceral Games Logo

It comes as no surprise that Visceral Games, formally known as EA Montreal, is looking to add to two of its well established IPs, Dead Space and Army of Two. Spotted over at EA's job site, is a decent hand-full of openings with listings such as lead environmental artist, art director and senior producer for Army of Two, in addition to a senior development director for the Dead Space franchise.

Apart from positions for existing IPs there were also a couple listings for an unnamed "new action adventure IP" which included a lead writer as well as a senior AI programmer.

Though EA hasn't officially confirmed any "sequels" to either franchise, it's clearly evident that the developer has something up their sleeves for the future.

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Dead Space 2 Review

Dead Space 2 Logo

Everyone's favorite space faring, necromorph killing, engineer returns.

It seems like a good idea to point something out before officially discussing Dead Space 2. If the original Dead Space was enjoyable, Dead Space 2 will be equally as enjoyed. There is, in fact, no doubt that this will be the case. Why is this so, one may ask? Namely because excluding a few slight changes, this lovely sequel is almost exactly the same as its predecessor. Not that this is a bad thing by a long shot, but as stated if anyone liked the first, they will enjoy this installment.

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 continues the epic saga a couple years after the first game while continuing to follow one of everyone's favorite engineers, Isaac Clarke. Isaac has been brought aboard The Sprawl, a large city orbiting what's left of one of Saturn's moons. Important to note here is that The Sprawl is an active city with a population exceeding one million. The people live happily and care free in their city among the stars. That is of course until the inevitable Necromancer outbreak which leaves the city decimated with a large majority of the population dead.

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