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I Am Alive: Hands On Preview

I Am Alive

Ubisoft surprised everyone late last year when they revealed that the oft-delayed action/adventure I Am Alive is not only still in development, but is nearing release. Fast forward to today, and a quite a bit more information has surfaced about this elusive title. Firstly, it is set to be one of the featured titles in the recently announced XBLA House Party promotion. Don't be discouraged by IAA's new XBLA format; it is a full retail title that Ubisoft just so happened to distribute via digital download. Whereas so-called "traditional" Xbox Live Arcade games tend to be shorter titles, that lack the depth and visual fidelity of their physical counterparts, this is simply not the case with this game.

Taking place after a year after an apocalyptic occurrence referred to simply as The Event , I am Alive follows the story of a mountain climber's desperate attempt to reunite with his family, amid the ruins. In the process, our hero will encounter a wide variety of characters, some helpful, some needy, some malicious; but never undead. In a refreshing twist, developer Ubisoft Shanghai is avoiding the traditional - and often cliched - adherence to the usage of zombies, demons, or other such monsters; instead focusing primarily on humans.



Rayman: Origins Review

Rayman returns in this whimsical platformer.

Rayman: Origins

It's just another day for Rayman and the gang. The Bubble Dreamer, creator of this world, is lazily blowing away on his pipe, Rayman is sleep eating, while Globox and the Teensies snore away. While everyone seems to be having a good time hanging out in the Snoring Tree there is an old granny down below in the Land of the Livid Dead that isn't enjoying the symphony of sounds. Completely fed up she throws her husbands head up through the vacuum and along with it goes an army of evil creatures and Darktoons that take over their world. Working with up to four local players travel through five worlds saving the Electoons, the Nymphs and getting the Glade of Dreams back to it's original, peaceful, status.

Rayman: Origins

There's a surprisingly large amount to do in this ambitious 2D, side scrolling platformer. The main storyline is, using the character of your choice, saving the Electoons and bringing sanity back to the Bubble Dreamers world. Each of the levels has up to three Electoon cages to find, some hidden more obviously then others, but if you listen carefully you'll hear their cries for help. In order to free that cages you have to destroy all the evil creatures attached to it. Once they are all gone just smash up the cage and keep moving through the level. For every cage you release you'll get an Electoon that will help you unlock other levels and other character and outfits. Collecting high levels of Lums, starting at 150, will also grant you up to three additional Electoons. The easiest way to achieve this is to watch for the King Lums because once you catch him it will temporarily double the value of all the other Lums in the area. Each of the worlds also has a Nymph that watches over it and once you save them they will award you with a new power to help you on your way.



Winter Spectacular Day Two: Win Rayman Origins!

While you're celebrating the season with friends and loved ones, the GameSplash Winter Spectacular continues! We've got a ton of great gaming prizes to give away - over $1,000 worth! Games, gear, prize packs, you never know what we might have up for grabs.

Today's prize is a game that many have overlooked this year - Rayman: Origins! This lavishly animated platformer returns Rayman to his 2D roots in full 1080p. We're giving out two copies; one of each for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Rayman Origins

How do you win this fantastic prize? It’s simple: find the hidden snowflake somewhere on our site (and no, the snowflake on this post doesn't count) Everyone who correctly identifies the location of the secret snowflake is entered to win! As the Winter Spectacular progresses, it will become harder to find the snowflake; if you get stuck, check out our Facebook page for clues. Submit your guess after the jump.



Wii U Hands On Preview

Wii U

Last week, Nintendo unveiled the successor to Wii, dubbed the Wii U. There were no confirmed first party games playable for the new console this year; instead, Nintendo showcased a series of interactive proof of concept demos. As Wii U was one of this year's biggest reveals, lines to try the new hardware were substantial - anywhere from 3 to 5 hours, depending on the time of day! We braved the lines at Nintendo's booth, and had the opportunity to try all 8 of the playable demos on display for the console. Read on for wrap ups of every Wii U demo Nintendo had to offer this year.


April 8, 2011 Posted by Gabe in News

PSN Getting Beyond Good & Evil HD in May

Beyond Good and Evil HD Screenshot

Having been released a month ago for the XBLA, the PSN will soon be getting their own copy of Beyond Good & Evil HD. Ubisoft has confirmed the game will be hitting the market in May but no specific dates have been given.

It appears that there will also be a temporary 20% discount for Playstation Plus members, however this discount is only confirmed for the EU members so far. This is likely to change within the next month so it's best to not get too worried just yet.

Via VG247