Warp Review

NEVER call Zero cute.


Take control of Zero, an alien captured by a government organization and taken deep below the sea to a government lab where testing is being done on a number of alien subjects. They've been stripped of their power source and condemned to a life of testing and behavioral analysis while the humans study their every move. With the need to escape, and maybe for a bit of revenge along the way, you have to make your way through the labyrinthine facilities collecting grub, destroying film canisters and finding other aliens while avoiding the armed soldiers and Commander who isn't going to let you escape without a fight.


Making your way out of this facility won't be easy. The halls are filled with security patrols that upgrade your equipment as they learn more about you and the rooms have scientists ready to press the panic button that will leave you trapped in the room while activating laser turrets and bring the armed soldiers right into the room with you. As you make your way through the areas you'll have to solve puzzles to get yourself through the areas safely and collect or destroy everything as you come across it. There will be back tracking, some areas can't be accessed until you earn morn powers through out the game. Collecting grubs and destroying canisters is technically more of a side quest (both of which can earn you achievements) but it's highly suggested that you collect as many grubs as you can get your hands on because they're used to upgrade your powers and will benefit you in the long run. Upgrades are done at checkpoints, but not every checkpoint is an upgrade station. Once you've found one though it will be added to your map so you can easily find it later on.