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Steelseries 6GV2 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Steelseries 6GV2

The Steelseries 6GV2 is an excellent keyboard for both gaming and word processing. The first thing to know about the product is that it is a mechanical keyboard. Steelseries is a great company that innovates their products with PC gaming in mind. Although slightly more expensive than the average keyboard on the market, the 6GV2 is designed for gamers and it stands out above other keyboards. The 6GV2 is not very much to look at, but do not let that steer anyone away. Steelseries employs a very simple look for this model opting for an all black very boxy looking design when most other "gaming" keyboards use flashy colors and lights with character designs from other games to make the product look nice. In comparison this keyboard is very bland, which is too bad because the features of the keyboard are so much nicer than most other keyboards out there. Mechanical keyboards feel much different to use than other keyboards. It does take a little bit of time to get use to how the keys are laid out and how they feel, but after a week or so of use it begins to feel much more natural that other keyboards.

The 6GV2 is a mechanical keyboard, which means that it uses actual physical switches to determine when a key is pressed. The alternative, electrical current switches, is less expensive. That's why most people do not use mechanical keyboards, but gamers and people who use word processing regularly should consider making the switch. Since the switches are physical it improves the response time between key presses and actions on the computer. The keyboard will optimize the users actions per minute. This is very important for gamers especially those who play fast paced or online games.

Steelseries 6GV2

Most keyboards will only recognize a very limited number of key presses simultaneously; it's usually around 4-6. While plugged into the USB slot the 6GV2 will recognize 6 distinct key presses simultaneously, but if it is plugged in through the PS/2 slot the computer will recognize every single key pressed at the same time; although there may never come a time when that is necessary, many games require multiple keys to be pressed at the same time to perform more tricky maneuvers. In most games players are constantly pressing three or more keys at one time. The 6GV2 may have gone a little overboard on this feature, but it is nice to know that you could potentially press every key and the computer would know what you're doing.



Steelseries Sensei Review

A must own peripheral for the serious PC Gamer.

SteelSeries Sensei

PC gamers have to purchase so many items just to have the perfect gaming rig. They can range from incredible expensive to very inexpensive. An item often overlooked when building or purchasing a PC is the mouse. This key tool should never be overlooked. A good mouse can make a huge difference in gameplay. The Sensei is a mouse to be reckoned with. It comes with many features that boost in game performance. This was developed not for an accountant or the average user, but with us PC gamers in mine.

Steelseries Sensei

Steelseries isn't known for its modernly designed products. They have stuck with very traditional looks with many of their devices and the Sensei is no exception. It has a very simple look and design. It is also symmetrical which makes it simple to switch between left and right handed modes. There are three LED lights on the mouse and all them can be adjusted to one of a few preset colors or a specific color can be chosen under advanced options. The mouse feels great to hold. It has a slightly cold metallic feel, but warms up to the hand quickly. It has a sturdy build and is comfortable to hold.

The biggest downside of the mouse is the lack of documentation which makes setting up the mouse tough. There is plenty of instruction online, but the manual in the box only includes a diagram of the mouse and instructions on h0w to download the drivers and manuals from the internet. For a user with limited or no internet access this will cause problems. After the program is downloaded it takes a while to figure out how everything works. A confident computer user will often skip downloading the manual for new devices and stick to tinkering. This route is very tough with the Steelseries Sensei. The program to configure all the settings on the mouse appears easy to use, but there are so many complicated features that it is recommended to read the manual. With the drivers downloaded the mouse will work without adjusting the settings, but DPI switching and Macros need to be adjusted in the settings in order to use them properly. The mouse is easy to use, but it takes a while to configure it to the desired settings.



Siberia V2 PS3 Headset Unveiled

SteelSeries Siberia V2

Gaming peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries, has recently revealed its brand new headset, the Siberia V2. This set features a retractable microphone, large leather ear cups, and 50 mm drivers. Although primarily designed for the Playstation 3 console, it is also compatible with the PC, Mac, PS3, and Xbox 360. Not only is the headset extremely comfortable and versatile, but it also boasts a helpful new sound feature, dubbed LiveMix. The LiveMix feature allows for the user to change the decibel level of game audio when another player speaks. Such a feature is a welcome addition to Multiplayer matches, when sound often becomes loud and unclear.

This headset features cross-platform versatility and is of the highest quality, both of which should result in strong sales for SteelSeries.