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Portal 2 Pre-Release Update

Portal 2

Valve initiated a countdown timer yesterday, which had many people assuming it was for the pre-release of Portal 2, but in fact is was a countdown for the release of this site. It is the Aperture Science website owned by Valve. In a clever way to encourage consumers to purchase indie games Valve announced on the site that they are "Recruiting cpus to force faster boot sequence..." In other words, if enough people buy and play the games in the Potato Sack Portal 2 will be released early. At the bottom of the Aperture Website is a list of all the games in the Potato Sack and the number of CPUs currently playing them.

In anticipation of Portal 2's release, most, if not all of the games in the Potato Sack bundle have been updated to include references to Portal 2. For instance: choose any song in Audiosurf right now, and GlaDOS will comment on the player's musical taste (or lack thereof) and re-select the "correct" song - The Device Has Been Modified by Victims of Science. Listen to the song, in all its techno-glory, after the jump.



Portal 2 for PS3: Steam Details

Portal 2

After launching Portal 2 from the menu on their PS3, players can access a steam overlay by clicking select. Through the steam client players can chat with friends view achievements and sync up in multiplayer games. Definitely the most anticipated feature will be cross platform multiplayer. If done properly this could revolutionize multiplayer gaming. Steam has a thorough Q&A over on their site here. Steam has offered cloud based save games for a while and this is included in the PS3 version. If enabled players can play on any PS3 and not lose their progress, but saves cannot be moved between consoles.



Hoard Released on Steam

Hoard Logo

Big Sandwich Games' Hoard is available starting today on Steam, it was previously released on Playstation Network last november. In Hoard players assume the role of a dragon terrorizing towns, hoarding gold and kidnapping princesses. The game has both coop and versus modes where players can duke it out with their dragons. Each game is played out on one the board game style maps. Check out the trailer here. The game is normally $9.99, but steam has it on sale today for $8.99.