Killzone 3 Review

Killzone 3

The madness begins in Guerilla Games' visually striking First Person Shooter.

With the popularity of first person shooters having grown tremendously over the past few years, developers now find themselves hard at work trying to craft the most effective formula for a perfect shooter experience. Guerilla Games, the developer behind Sony’s exclusive action sci-fi based FPS franchise, Killzone, is by all means no exception.

Killzone 3, the most recent game in the series, is a fantastic display of what the PS3 is fully capable of and what an FPS should be. Showcasing stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, the game, is both entertaining and aesthetically pleasing.

The first key to the game's successful formula is its story. Though the plot itself is a bit weak, lacking depth and suspense, it is action packed. In this case, mindless fun isn't necessarily a bad thing, considering the fact that this is an action game and players spend 90% of their time in campaign mode either on foot or in a vehicle spewing thousands of bullets, grenades and rockets. At the same time, there is always good reason behind the explosive results.