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SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Beta Rundown


Zipper Interactive's SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals is highly anticipated by tactical strategy gamers and action gamers alike. It's one of the biggest games exclusive to the Playstation 3 in 2011.

So, with your anticipation so high, why not get a fix for SOCOM by joining the multiplayer beta? Don't know how? No worries, we've got you covered with this extensive rundown of dates and details to give you the most for you SOCOM addiction.

The SOCOM Beta is split up into 4 stages;

Invite Only (Private) - 3/15 - 3/21 -- This beta requires a private code from Zipper Interactive themselves, however if you wanna be a cook kid, you could score one for yourself via SOCOM's official forums, Twitter Acoount, or Facebook Page, as they will occasionally be giving them out throughout the entire beta.



David Cage Talks Heavy Rain Success and New Project


There's no doubt that Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain was a very special title. It was chock-full of thrilling mystery and innovative presentation techniques. The game was well written and performed even better. In fact, the game was so well done that it received three awards at this years British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for technical innovation, original music, and best story.

Following the ceremony, Playstation Blog's James Gallagher got to sit down with the visionary writer and director of Heavy Rain, David Cage. With Heavy Rain having done so well, Cage was immediately asked about his initial feelings towards receiving such accolades to which he replied by saying, "I’m very proud to have collected three awards. We came here with no expectations and I’m proud for my team who all worked so hard during those three years of development."



Infamous 2 Beta Quick Facts

Infamous 2 Logo

Sucker Punch's forthcoming title Infamous 2 has a beta set for April 12th. If you're jonesing to get in on the action and you reside in the U.S., all you have to do is head over to Once there you can direct yourself to sign-up registration.

March 21st marks the end of the sign-up period. Winners will be chosen at random and emailed shortly there after. As a note for gamers outside the U.S., no worries, Sucker Punch has promised other territories their own betas as well.

The interesting thing about this beta, however, is that it will be centered around mission creation. And such a creative task will be quite rewarding. Sucker Punch will chose the best created content to spotlight front and center when Infamous 2 launches stateside on June 7th. Good luck, gamers!


Cloud-Based Game Saves for PS Plus Subscribers

PS Plus

As of today, PS3 plus subscribers will enjoy a new software update to version 3.60. The major change in this update is cloud-based save games. Each subscriber receives 150 megabytes of storage space for their save files. Sony says that most current PS3 titles already support it, but all subsequent games will support it.

"Online storage for game saves ensures that data stored by PlayStation Plus subscribers is more secure than ever and is an integral feature for gamers who wish to access their data on other PS3 systems," says Sony Computer Entertainment America in a statement.

A subscription to the Plus program is $49.99 annually, but Sony is currently offering a three month bonus to any new subscribers. They also offer a three month trial for $17.99. Another cool perk to the Plus program is the addition of avatars and and themes.


Modern Warfare 2 Hack Patch Released

MW2 Logo

The long awaited “hack patch” for Infinity Ward’s juggernaut first-person shooter, Modern Warfare 2, is now live. This version of the patch, however, is only for PS3. According to Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward, patches for Xbox 360 and PC are pending.

The patch claims to fix all of MW2’s exploits that have been running rampantly, plaguing the online multiplayer experience. It’s fitting that Infinity Ward chose to focus on a patch for PS3 first, considering that the PS3’s internal security was compromised nearly two months ago.