Toy Soldiers: Cold War DLC - Evil Empire & Napalm Review

Take back the toy box once again, with Toy Soldiers: Cold War's two new DLC Packs.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War

With the release of two new downloadable packs for Toy Soldiers: Cold War anyone that's played this game should be excited. Both of these mini expansions  for this tower defencs game bring back all the great game play you loved in the first place and gives you new maps, new weapons and new vehicles to play in. Depending on what kind of experience you're looking for each of the packs have their own benefits and are sold separately for 400 Microsoft Points ($5) on XBLA.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War - Evil Empire

Evil Empire turns the tables as you take over the Soviets and lead your comrades against the American army. A few fun changes have been made to the commando barrage (who is now Ivan and yells things in what we can assume is Russian) and while the turrets are a slightly different design all the same familiar options and upgrades are there for you to use. The new barrage this pack adds is Orbital Laser. Thanks to the Soviet space station you are now equipped with, what is essentially, an instant kill ray that takes out everything it touches and sends your enemies flying through the air on fire. Another awesome addition to this game is a new survival mode level. Trauma takes defending the toy box beyond just your enemies; your weapons now work against you. Things get way more complicated with the friendly fire aspect thrown in. The mini-game, Pop-A-Pig, is whack-a-mole with a turret gun. It sounds cool and is for a few minutes but like most shooting games it's really just the same old speed and accuracy test. Sadly, the "new" Super Tank boss isn't really new at all. While the waves may be a little bit different it's really the same boss you faced in the main version of the game. It can take a while to kill but there wasn't anything too extraordinary about it.