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23 Titles Set to Launch Alongside Wii U

Wii U

Earlier this morning, Nintendo has released a full list of games that will be available in time for the Wii U's North American launch. Highlighted by numerous first party titles, as well as a strong third party lineup, the initial batch of Wii U software appears to offer something for everyone.

Announced launch day titles, and their respective publishers, include the following:

* Transformers Prime
* Skylanders Giants
* Wipeout 3

Disney Interactive

* Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Electronic Arts

* Fifa Soccer 13

Namco Bandai

* Tank! Tank! Tank!
* Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition



Sonic Generations Review

Sonic's latest adventure is the best of both worlds.

Sonic Generations

Sonic the Hedgehog, everyone's favorite chilli dog loving, gold ring collecting, iconic gaming mascot is celebrating his 20th Anniversary this year. Fittingly, Sega has released Sonic Generations, the first title in the series to feature both modern and classic Sonic in the same game. After our hero's birthday party is unceremoniously crashed by a nefarious being known only as the time eater, Sonic finds himself at a strange, yet somehow familiar junction. What is this place, and where did his friends go? This premise, however basic, gives Sega a quasi-logical excuse to bring back fan favorite stages from previous Sonic games, and serves to explain how two different Sonics can exist in the same game.

Sonic Generations

First and foremost, note that classic and modern Sonic are not simply different character models. A great deal of effort has been put into making them feel authentic, with gameplay and controls uniquely matched to each respective Sonic. Instead of merely allowing either one to be selected at will, each Sonic has their own specific levels. Classic levels are primarily 2D oriented, and occupy most of Act 1, while their modern counterparts are 3D/2D hybrids, taking up the bulk of Act 2 for each stage. Keeping true to each Sonic's heritage, both hedgehogs have their own specific traits, that do not overlap. Classic Sonic, for instance, can spin dash, but doesn't talk, as he never talked in any of his 2D adventures. Modern Sonic, conversely, has a boost meter and full speech, but lacks a dedicated spin dash button. In addition, there are challenge stages tailored to each character; ranging from doppelganger races, to survival, to skill challenges, which, when completed, unlock new abilities available for purchase in the skill shop.



Super Monkey Ball 3D Review

Super Monkey Ball 3D

Super Monkey Ball makes its 3DS debut.

The Super Monkey Ball series has been slowly but steadily releasing new iterations each and every year. The games have crossed various platforms over the years and with the recent launch of the Nintendo 3DS, Sega has added another platform to its repertoire.

Super Monkey Ball Screenshot

The main mode of Super Monkey Ball 3D is the classic mode that fans are familiar with. The player is in control of a moving platform and must maneuver the monkey ball around the area. Each level has various bananas to collect and some feature hidden secret items. The levels are timed so there is definitely a level of skill involved. With 7 worlds to play and multiple levels in each, there is a lot of rolling to be had. The 3D effects on this game mode are very well done. The world sees depth and you can have more precise movements with the added angle.