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Tag: PS3


Siberia V2 PS3 Headset Unveiled

SteelSeries Siberia V2

Gaming peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries, has recently revealed its brand new headset, the Siberia V2. This set features a retractable microphone, large leather ear cups, and 50 mm drivers. Although primarily designed for the Playstation 3 console, it is also compatible with the PC, Mac, PS3, and Xbox 360. Not only is the headset extremely comfortable and versatile, but it also boasts a helpful new sound feature, dubbed LiveMix. The LiveMix feature allows for the user to change the decibel level of game audio when another player speaks. Such a feature is a welcome addition to Multiplayer matches, when sound often becomes loud and unclear.

This headset features cross-platform versatility and is of the highest quality, both of which should result in strong sales for SteelSeries.


Catherine Coming to the US this Summer

Catherine Logo

It has officially been confirmed that publisher Atlus will be releasing Team Persona’s Catherine stateside. That said, we should be seeing Catherine strut her stuff on to store shelves sometime this summer. The title will be available on both the Playstation 3, and the Xbox 360.

This announcement comes unexpectedly; considering that only a few days earlier Atlus had stated that it had no plans of releasing the title in North America. Perhaps the change was prompted by how well the game was received in Japan, having sold 162,000 copies in it’s first week alone. Following Atlus' self-contradictory announcement, a series of screenshots, as well as the first English language trailer for the game, have been put up. Check them out at