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Dead Island Launch Trailer

Dead Island

The upcoming zombie themed action/rpg Dead Island hits stores in six days! To mark the occasion, Deep Silver has released a launch trailer. Featuring a mix of in-game cinematics and gameplay, with the tropical island paradise of Banoi serving as the backdrop. For your viewing pleasure, the new trailer follows below:

Dead Island goes on sale next Tuesday, September 6, 2011 for the Playstation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 platforms.

Playstation 3 Price Drops

Playstation Logo

Today at Gamescom Sony announced that the PS3 will drop in price immediately. The old price was $299. It is now $249. The more pricey 320 gig unit will drop from $349 to $299. They also announced that a special inFamous 2 bundle is available at participating stores. The bundle also includes a 30 day subscription to Playstation Plus.

Sony also announced a new PSP model that will only cost 99 Euros. The new version will only be available in Europe. No international version has been announced yet. It is exactly the same as the slim version except that it does not have wifi. Only UMD games will be playable on the new version.

Via IGN News


Dead Island Goes Gold, Celebrates With New Co-Op Trailer

Dead Island

Deep Silver's upcoming zombie themed open world action RPG, Dead Island has now been released to manufacturing. To celebrate, a new co-op trailer has been posted. Highlighting the game's signature teamwork based dynamic, watch as the four protagonists cut, shoot, and burn their way through the zombie infested tropical paradise of Banoi.

Dead Island will be available on September 6, 2011 for the Playstation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 platforms.

Giveaway: Win a copy of Alice: Madness Returns!

Alice: Madness Returns

Having absolutely loved developer Spicy Horse's macabre take on Alice in Wonderland, we're giving out a copy of Alice: Madness Returns in your choice of console. Unlike Alice, your journey does not begin with a white rabbit. Instead, we've started a short story, and want all of you to continue it.

Use the proceeding comments (as appropriate) as your starting point, and keep the below story going in a few sentences. It begins as follows:

Alice Linnell had always been a peculiar sort of girl. Physically and mentally scarred by the events that had transpired earlier, she longed for a sense of normalcy, an inner peace to lay the visions that tormented her to rest. Desperately wanting to be free of Houndsditch Home, and of the doctor, Angus Bumby, she elected to take measures into her own hands. "Somehow", Alice whispered, "Somehow all of this will be undone. Somehow, I will be reunited with the ones I love, in this world or the next. Somehow, I will take my revenge against those who have wronged me..."

At the end of the entry period, our staff will vote on our favorite submission - the winner will receive a copy of the game, in their choice of console. Full details and rules follow after the jump.



L.A. Noire Review

L.A. Noire

Cinematic adventure at its finest.

“A city on the verge of greatness, a new type of city” - L.A. Noire’s opening words and more importantly, a statement that will resonate on a second play through. From the onset, L.A. Noire deftly blends its narrative, dialogue and mechanics into a seamless interactive cinematic experience. Every word and action in this game contributes to a sensual yet sinister mood, set perfectly even from as early on as the opening sequence.

L.A. Noire

Rockstar and developer Team Bondi have come together to create something very special. From L.A. Noire’s beautifully realistic setting to it’s provocative tale, it raises the bar in many areas. Sure, the MotionScan technology is beyond impressive, adding to the depth of the story; for once being able to see emotion rather than just hear it - but this tech can only be as good as the real performances that it captures, and this is yet another area where Noire really excels in.