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Project Café Unveiled

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Following nearly two months of rampant speculation, Nintendo took the wraps off their successor to the Wii console. Formerly known as Project Café, the new system is now officially called the Wii U. Why such a strange title? Nintendo isn't saying - yet - only that just as with Wii before it, it will conceptually make more sense sometime in the foreseeable future. While few details were given regarding technical specs, anticipated launch titles, or pricing, Nintendo did have a few small tidbits of information to share about the new console. Foremost of this information was the reveal of the new controller - which, at its core, is a 6.2" touch screen panel housed in a plastic casing. Much like its predecessor, the Wii U's controller sports an innovative design, which, Nintendo hopes developers will take advantage of to create new and compelling game experiences.



Wii Successor to be Revealed and Playable at E3

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Nintendo announced last night that they will showcase their new console this June at E3. In their letter they said, "We will show a playable model of the new system and announce more specifications at the E3 Expo, which will be held June 7-9, 2011, in Los Angeles." Sony and Microsoft may have a tough time competing at E3 with Nintendo's playable version of the new system. Read Nintendo's announcement letter for yourself here.

Rumors abound on many different sites detailing possible specs for the system, but Nintendo has yet to release anything definite at least we know when we'll know for sure. In their announcement Nintendo also said that the console will be released next year. Since they can already showcase a functioning model this June, the console may be ready for release early 2012.

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New Project Cafe Details

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As we close in on E3 the rumor mill has begun to spin at an extremely high speed, with tentative details literally spewing from ever source imaginable. IGN's gear-head Scott Lowe received some very juicy details about Nintendo's forthcoming console, currently codenamed Project Cafe.

According to "sources with knowledge of the project", it looks like we might be seeing the new console this holiday season, possibly as soon as October. However, it's possible that Nintendo may play it safe by waiting for a legitimate amount of launch titles to be ready to go as well as have a robust inventory of systems built up to be able to handle the initial launch-period rush. If the latter is true, an early to mid 2012 launch is reasonable. Price-wise, expect to shell out at least $350, but don't be surprised to see a price tag that is a bit more hefty, even closer to $400.

Aside from a vague date and price, IGN was able to obtain some substantial information on the tech behind Project Cafe. As for hardware, the console is said to feature an overhauled AMD R700 series GPU, which is still stated to be able to "out perform the PlayStation 3's NVIDIA 7800GTX-based processor."



Nintendo's Next Console: Rumors & Beyond

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With the initial report coming from GameInformer, a slew of articles based on rumored and/or “sourced” information followed, setting the gaming industry (fans included) ablaze. The initial thought of a new console from Nintendo is well interesting enough, but with all the added hype stemming from reports and tidbits from major gaming media outlets, bloggers, and even twitter accounts make this story just that much more intriguing. So, with the plethora of information that has accumulated just over the last 24 hours, we thought we’d lay down the highlights for you to keep that hype train rolling.

* Console is currently unnamed and rumored not to possess the Wii named brand, however is noted as being codenamed “Project Café”.

* Controller to feature a standard d-pad along with bumpers, triggers and dual-analog sticks.

* A touch capable screen appearing on the controller that measures 6 inches in size, along with a possible front-facing camera in which case could give the controller the ability to act as a Wii Remote sensor bar by itself.

* The controller’s touch screen has been mentioned to be “one-touch” rather than multi-touch.