Hungry? Pizza Hut is Coming to an Xbox Near You

Pizza Hut on Xbox

In a move sure to please many a hungry gamer, Xbox and Pizza Hut have announced a new, freely available app for the Xbox 360. This first of its kind new app will be available later today (Wednesday), and provides full menu access and online ordering, right from the convenience of your own couch. Leveraging Kinect for hand gestures and voice command, the pizza hut app aims to make the ordering process easy and fun for its users. Upon first time setup, users will be prompted to create or sign into an existing Pizza Hut online account. Once created, it will list the nearest Pizza Hut restaurants from the user, and based on the location selected, will generate the appropriate menu. As menus are generated in real time, any local online specials/coupons that would normally be available via the PizzaHut.com website should also apply to the app as well.