June 26, 2012 Posted by Evan in Reviews, Wii

Pikmin 2 (Wii Edition) Review

Motion Controls Make an Already Great Game Better.

Pikmin 2

The long-awaited third entry in the Pikmin franchise is due before year's end, and Nintendo took the initiative to cut the wait with a re-release of Pikmin 2 on the Wii, part of it's New Play Control! line of titles. As a series, Pikmin has been met with critical acclaim from consumers, and still feels as fresh and unique as it once was more than ten years after the original game. With the introduction of motion controls to the game, Pikmin 2 just got a whole lot fresher.Thankfully, Pikmin 2 actually benefits from the addition of motion controls; there's no unnecessary waggle here! As either Louie or Olimar, the player directs Pikmin to fight the aliens of Earth, destroy obstacles, or pick up treasures with an on-screen reticule, now controlled by aiming a Wii remote. The accuracy that pointing the Wii remote provides is similar to the precision of a mouse in PC gaming, and is such an improvement over aiming with the GameCube's analog stick. Precision and speed are key in directing one's Pikmin, and as a real-time strategy game of sorts, Pikmin 2 has been improved tremendously. Though the game boasts the New Play Control monicker, that's really the only motion control in the entire game! Nothing requires the player to shake the Wii remote or the nunchuck. Even the menus are navigated with the nunchuck's analog stick. Thus, Pikmin 2's controls are updated, but refined to a relatively comfortable transition.

Pikmin 2

That said, how does Pikmin 2 hold up eight years after it's original release, and does it deserve to be bought again? A resounding quite well, and yes, respectively. As stated before, the game still feels as fresh as ever, and thanks to Nintendo's decision to add it to the Nintendo Selects line of games for $20, there's really no incentive to not buy it. The GameCube edition of Pikmin 2 can be quite scarce to come by, and at upwards of $40 on ebay and Amazon, Pikmin 2 is very affordable. As a follow up to the first Pikmin, the game improves the formula in just about every way imaginable. The 30 day time limit from the first game has been done away with, in favor of a money-making system that allows for maximum exploration of the planet. For those who haven't experienced Pikmin 2 yet, or the Pikmin series in general, 2 is a very forgiving game. It takes a decent amount of time to amass an army of Pikmin, and with the 30 day formula of the first game, things could get quite stressful. Now, the player has an unlimited amount of time to do anything and everything, and though 100%-ing the game is still quite a challenge, it's much more feasible this time around.