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Skyrim Collector's Edition Announced


Bethesda has officially unveiled a collector's edition for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, to be released this November. Available in "extremely limited" quantities, this $149.99 box set contains the following premium items, in addition to the game itself:

* Aludin Statue - A 12" PVC statue of Aludin, the World Eater, based upon in-game models, and manufactured by IP Factory.

* The Art of Skyrim Book - A 200 page, full size (9 3/8” x 12 1/8”) art book, with a foreword by Skyrim's game director, Todd Howard.

* The Making Of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DVD - A documentary DVD containing exclusive behind the scenes footage.

Skyrim Collector's Edition

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be available on November 11, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PC, and Playstation 3.


Giveaway: Win a copy of Alice: Madness Returns!

Alice: Madness Returns

Having absolutely loved developer Spicy Horse's macabre take on Alice in Wonderland, we're giving out a copy of Alice: Madness Returns in your choice of console. Unlike Alice, your journey does not begin with a white rabbit. Instead, we've started a short story, and want all of you to continue it.

Use the proceeding comments (as appropriate) as your starting point, and keep the below story going in a few sentences. It begins as follows:

Alice Linnell had always been a peculiar sort of girl. Physically and mentally scarred by the events that had transpired earlier, she longed for a sense of normalcy, an inner peace to lay the visions that tormented her to rest. Desperately wanting to be free of Houndsditch Home, and of the doctor, Angus Bumby, she elected to take measures into her own hands. "Somehow", Alice whispered, "Somehow all of this will be undone. Somehow, I will be reunited with the ones I love, in this world or the next. Somehow, I will take my revenge against those who have wronged me..."

At the end of the entry period, our staff will vote on our favorite submission - the winner will receive a copy of the game, in their choice of console. Full details and rules follow after the jump.



Puzzle Agent 2 Review

Puzzle Agent 2 Logo

Look out, gnomes - Nelson Tethers is back!

Telltale Games' Puzzle Agent 2 takes us, and Agent Tethers, back to Scoggins, Minnesota. The eraser factory may have reopened but there is still a town full of puzzles to be solved. Completely bothered about how things ended during his last investigation in Scoggins, a small, frigid, town that's only exports are erasers and weirdness, Agent Tethers uses his vacation to head back to this isolated area and try and figure out what's really happening.The game opens with a nice sort of recap of the previous game and gives you an idea on where his mind is right now. The Hidden People seem to be haunting him, members of the town are still missing and the Eraser Factory may have been able to reopen but something is still not right. With trust fellow FBI Agent Jim Ingraham willing to help out, despite his lacking puzzle skills (he is in Vegetable Crimes, after all), the adventure begins.

Puzzle Agent 2

While Puzzle Agent 2 may not be something to come home after a long day at work and relax with, it is a genuinely fun and mind teasing game. There are a large variety of puzzles to play through; in fact, the game feels like one of those mixed puzzle books but with a fantastic story line thrown in. Granted, it's bizarre to the point of being borderline wacky, but that comes to be expected, as Agent Tethers just so happens to be in the FBI's Puzzle Research Division. Unfortunately, like many of Telltale Games' releases, the game ends a little too abruptly. While the player is certainly getting their money's worth, Puzzle Agent 2 leaves you wanting more, and ends with a number of unanswered questions. Thankfully once the credits roll a whole file full of all the puzzles you played through is at your disposal, (as well as any you may of missed along the way) all of which can be replayed as many times as you would like.



Back To The Future: The Game - Episode Five "OUTATIME" Review

Back to the Future

Six months in the making, Back To The Future: The Game wraps up in its wondrously unsettling finale, OUTATIME.

Things were looking grim in the final few moments of episode four; Edna and Citizen Brown were plotting against Marty and even though young Emmett had committed himself to building a new invention for the Expo it was hard to say what was going to happen to the timelines, to Marty and to the Doc we all love from the movies. While it wasn't as easy to list out what was going to have to be fixed from the beginning this time around, things start falling apart quickly. Young Emmett goes missing, Citizen Brown goes off the deep end, and Edna, well, Edna's the same righteous verging on insane annoyance she has always been.

Back to the Future: The Game

Surprisingly, taking place in the 1930's yet again wasn't such an issue this time despite being in familiar areas. The majority of this episode is spent in the Expo, which even gets its own special little theme song from Trixie Trotter. OUTATIME introduces one new character, who ends up being something of a letdown. Strangely, he doesn't even have a face, odd for someone (supposedly) as famous as he is. Jacques Douteux is an underwater explorer, who is perhaps appropriately dressed in a diving suit, that just so happens to help out with a situation later.



Duke Nukem Forever Review

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem is back, as raunchy as ever.

After a long and storied development process, Duke Nukem Forever, the highly anticipated follow up to the 1996 FPS classic Duke Nukem 3D is now available. The end result is surprising, to say the least. Gearbox Software, having taken over development responsibilities of the game following 3D Realms' downsizing in 2009, made a bold decision - that is, to keep the game as true to 3D Realms' original vision as possible. The decision to keep Duke Nukem Forever true to its roots is simultaneously its greatest asset and greatest liability.

Duke Nukem Forever

The game opens with a brief tribute to its predecessor, pitting our titular hero against a cycloid foe in a battle ripped right out of Duke Nukem 3D. Later revealed to be Duke playing a game based upon his likeness, the camera shifts to reveal two buxom blondes servicing him. In the first of many self-referential nods, one of them asks if the game is any good, to which, Duke cheerily responds: "Yeah, but after twelve f**king years it had better be." Retirement, it would seem, has been good to Duke, as he now resides in the penthouse level of his own casino.