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May 30, 2012 Posted by Justin in PC, Reviews

Diablo III Review

Evil besieges Sanctuary once again.

Diablo III

After 12 years, Blizzard’s Diablo III brings us back to Tristram to defend against the forces of evil. With the choice of five classes, this game supports several styles of play while massacring hordes of enemies. The game feels similar the previous iteration, but with several features tweaked and upgraded.For those new to the series, Diablo III is a roguelike in which the player hacks and slashes their way through randomly generated fields and dungeons while collecting treasure and completing quests. As the hero gains experience, he becomes stronger, learns new skills, and gains the ability to wear stronger equipment. When a meteor falls from the sky and strikes New Tristram, the evils that have been dormant for twenty years are awakened. The hero to drawn to the village, and accepts tasks assigned by the townsfolk. Among these is the mission of finding Deckard Cain, who fell into the depths of the cathedral when the meteor made its impact.

Diablo III

The class system has been simplified, and stat points are now distributed automatically between Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Vitality. The Barbarian is a strength-based class, Witch Doctors and Wizards use magic, while Demon Hunters and Monks use their dexterity to best their foes. Vitality is important to each class, as it determines the character’s life total. As the player reaches new levels, new skills and skill runes are unlocked. A player can switch between skills at any time, and choose which rune to use, if any, to provide a boost to the skill. This system allows the player to use every skill, instead of locking into one decision like in previous games.



Powers Boothe To Voice New Hitman Absolution Character

Hitman: Absolution

Veteran character actor Powers Boothe, most notably known for his roles in Deadwood, 24, and Sin City will be lending his voice to a character in Hitman: Absolution. One of two new characters just announced earlier this afternoon, Boothe will be voicing ICA Agent Benjamin Travis. Additionally, Shannyn Sossamon, of A Knight's Tale and 40 days and 40 nights fame will be taking the role of Jade, Travis' secretary.

Both actors will not only be voicing their respective characters, but will also be doing motion and performance capture for them as well. Along with this announcement, Square/Enix has released two new videos; the first, an ICA files dossier on Benjamin Travis, the second, an interview with the actors regarding their respective characters, and role in the game.

Check out the new videos after the jump.

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Extended Cut DLC Announced for Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Following an outcry of fan feedback in response to Mass Effect 3's controversial, and somewhat ambiguous endings, Bioware has announced new Extended Cut downloadable content is in the works. While little specifics were given, Bioware has stated that while the new DLC will not change the conclusion of the game outright. It will, however, answer many questions that the were originally left unanswered, with the addition of new cinematics and epilogue scenes. Bioware has been listening to their fans, and has struck what they believe to be a creative balance; addressing concerns over the ending, without compromising their artistic integrity in the process.

The Extended Cut DLC will be freely available for all versions of the game sometime this summer.

Via Bioware Blog


New Dishonored Screenshots


Bethesda has just released a fresh new batch of screenshots and concept art for Dishonored, the upcoming first person action game from developer Arkane Studios. Check them out in the gallery below! Click the thumbnails for a high res version.

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Dishonored will be released later this year, for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.


Risen 2 Preview

Risen 2

We were given the opportunity to take a look at Risen 2: Dark Waters, the sequel to Piranha Bytes 2009 release Risen. The original Risen was faced with mixed opinions, varying based on what system it was played with. Even then, the game was a very solid RPG with a rather large emphasis on exploration among other things. The Risen 2 we were given to play was an early build of the game that ended at the build up to a rather major fight. This being said, it was incomplete and it wouldn't be surprising to find certain things discussed here changed or altered in the final release. Risen 2 starts off a couple years after the first game in the city of Caldera where the Inquisition is still working on defeating the titans and are unable to get significant supplies due to a Kraken constantly destroying incoming ships. This bundled with a pirate war raging on and magical artifacts floating around it doesn't look good for anyone no matter where they stand in the conflict. The protagonist makes a return from the original game however, he seems to have slipped into a bad place, involving large amounts of alcohol. After a ship is destroyed and an old friend is among the few survivors the player sets off to find a way to kill the one controlling the kraken.

Risen 2

With limited time to actually experience Risen 2's story it needs to be said that it seems pretty solid. How certain parts of the story are accomplished can be decided entirely by the player. This goes more for the abundant side quests but is at least partially valid for the main quest line. If the play style chosen is more rushing in sword drawn that's always a valid option although not always the best. It actually gets rather interesting due to the fact that NPC's do not repeat any of their dialogue, excluding a few situations. So unlike RPG's that like Fallout (purely for example) there isn't the option to go through lines of dialogue over and over again. It forces a sense of role-playing that gets much more interesting once the player understands that there is no hand-holding to be found here. There are no paths lit to follow to the goal, there isn't anything saying exactly what to do, and there sure isn't an easy button. It's just the player, and the NPC telling you where the general location is. It's up to the player to do some path finding on their own, to determine how and where they need to go. Paying attention is paramount, and could be a turn off for some players who traditionally like to skip through the in-game dialog. Certain environments are even littered with random traps that may be run over and require quickly dodging out of the way. These are completely hidden from view, and constantly keep players on their toes. Exploring is as fun as it is potentially dangerous.