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It's been a long, quiet 3 months - but we are happy to announce, GameSplash is back in operation! Normal updates, including reviews, videos, and more will resume immediately. In celebration of our re-launch, and to thank you for your patience over our extended hiatus, we've got a copy of Bioshock Infinte up for grabs - in your choice of Steam, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 flavors. Simply tell us what game the above continue screen is from in the form below, by Wednesday May 1. All correct answers are entered to win!

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The Walking Dead The Game: Episode 3 Review

The Walking Dead

With the heartbreaking and foreboding end of episode two behind us, we rejoin Lee and the other survivors, at most, a few days later. Tensions are high as supplies continue to dwindle and a traitor is suspected amongst the group. Having survived for just over three months and watched as downtown Macon has been destroyed by both the walkers and those that thought they could help the lack of hope and food is starting to take it's toll. Zombie's are walking the Earth, how could it really get any worse?

The Walking Dead Episode 3

There are no easy choices in this game. No matter what you do it will affect the people around you and how they treat you. Most importantly, choices you made back in the first two episodes could come back to hurt you now.  Depending on who you've sided with or tried to save, or not save, in the past you have the potential to be shunned out of future plans. At least that's what they want you to worry about. Up until this point it seemed like there were several different ways this story could go but if you choose to play through multiple times and make different choices you'll still end up in the same situations and still be guided a long the same path. In many cases a character you previously chose to save over another will find their demise no matter what you do. On one hand it makes sense, obviously there has to be a main goal for the characters but when so much emphasis has been placed on the players choices and figuring out so soon how it all leads to the same place anyway it's a bit disappointing. It shouldn't stop you from playing though, the story is still incredibly well written and as stated in our review of episode one, the dialogue is a key factor to the telling of this story. Telltale really managed to step it up and keep the important parts of the game moving quickly with the time limit on performing actions and deciding what to say. Somehow, through all the violence and terror they still find ways to stick in some brief moments of humor. Not all of the choices work out the way you'd think from the phrase at the bottom. Through tone of voice and additional dialogue you weren't expecting what you might of thought was something nice or comforting to say can quickly turn into an angry hurtful conversation.



Steam to Expand Beyond Games


Valve has announced today that Steam's offerings will be expanded beyond games. Beginning next month, a wide range of software - from creativity to productivity, will begin going on sale via steam. Although an exact list of titles were not available as of this writing, many of them will utilize key SteamWorks features; including Steam Cloud and automatic updates. New software will be added regularly, and additional submissions are encouraged via Steam's Greenlight community voting program.

Support for non-gaming software is slated to launch September 5th. Stay tuned for more information, along with a partial list of available titles in the coming weeks.


Steelseries 6GV2 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Steelseries 6GV2

The Steelseries 6GV2 is an excellent keyboard for both gaming and word processing. The first thing to know about the product is that it is a mechanical keyboard. Steelseries is a great company that innovates their products with PC gaming in mind. Although slightly more expensive than the average keyboard on the market, the 6GV2 is designed for gamers and it stands out above other keyboards. The 6GV2 is not very much to look at, but do not let that steer anyone away. Steelseries employs a very simple look for this model opting for an all black very boxy looking design when most other "gaming" keyboards use flashy colors and lights with character designs from other games to make the product look nice. In comparison this keyboard is very bland, which is too bad because the features of the keyboard are so much nicer than most other keyboards out there. Mechanical keyboards feel much different to use than other keyboards. It does take a little bit of time to get use to how the keys are laid out and how they feel, but after a week or so of use it begins to feel much more natural that other keyboards.

The 6GV2 is a mechanical keyboard, which means that it uses actual physical switches to determine when a key is pressed. The alternative, electrical current switches, is less expensive. That's why most people do not use mechanical keyboards, but gamers and people who use word processing regularly should consider making the switch. Since the switches are physical it improves the response time between key presses and actions on the computer. The keyboard will optimize the users actions per minute. This is very important for gamers especially those who play fast paced or online games.

Steelseries 6GV2

Most keyboards will only recognize a very limited number of key presses simultaneously; it's usually around 4-6. While plugged into the USB slot the 6GV2 will recognize 6 distinct key presses simultaneously, but if it is plugged in through the PS/2 slot the computer will recognize every single key pressed at the same time; although there may never come a time when that is necessary, many games require multiple keys to be pressed at the same time to perform more tricky maneuvers. In most games players are constantly pressing three or more keys at one time. The 6GV2 may have gone a little overboard on this feature, but it is nice to know that you could potentially press every key and the computer would know what you're doing.



The Walking Dead: Episode 1 Review

Telltale begins the zombie apocalypse in style.

The Walking Dead

Telltale games, developer of classic hits such as Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space and the Tales of Monkey Island series recently tried their hand at licensed properties, with mixed results. Back to the Future and the Jurassic Park: The Game, Telltale's previous two titles, had potential, but fell short in a number of areas. In The Walking Dead, however, the creators have successfully captured the moral grey area that shrouds the decisions of characters in a zombie apocalypse.

The Walking Dead

The game offers a refreshing change to the typical first person shooter interpretation of the genre. The zombie genre is ripe with action movies and games that are gore fests. The Walking Dead offers a welcome twist. The game is plot driven and encourages players to think about their choices. During the quick first episode players will only kill around 8 zombies where as in a one hour campaign of the Left 4 Dead series players will kill over 1,000 zombies. Telltale sticks to the elements that made the comic and the TV show emotionally charged. They explore how people and families deal with a zombie apocalypse.