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Nintendo's Next Console: Rumors & Beyond

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With the initial report coming from GameInformer, a slew of articles based on rumored and/or “sourced” information followed, setting the gaming industry (fans included) ablaze. The initial thought of a new console from Nintendo is well interesting enough, but with all the added hype stemming from reports and tidbits from major gaming media outlets, bloggers, and even twitter accounts make this story just that much more intriguing. So, with the plethora of information that has accumulated just over the last 24 hours, we thought we’d lay down the highlights for you to keep that hype train rolling.

* Console is currently unnamed and rumored not to possess the Wii named brand, however is noted as being codenamed “Project Café”.

* Controller to feature a standard d-pad along with bumpers, triggers and dual-analog sticks.

* A touch capable screen appearing on the controller that measures 6 inches in size, along with a possible front-facing camera in which case could give the controller the ability to act as a Wii Remote sensor bar by itself.

* The controller’s touch screen has been mentioned to be “one-touch” rather than multi-touch.



New Nintendo Console May Be On The Horizon

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Various rumors around the industry are stating that Nintendo is prepared to reveal a brand new console between now and E3 in June.

According to Game Informer, the system is capable of the long asked for ability to run games in HD. It is also said to be close in power to a PS3. This alone will help the next console gather more 3rd party games that are identical to its competitions. Nintendo has began showing the console to developers to help raise interest for a launch in 2012.

Whether or not this console is a whole new one is not yet known. Will it hold the Wii title? Will it attempt to attack the hardcore fanbase? Only time will tell.

Via Gameinformer, IGN


Nintendo Holds 3DS Launch Event in NYC

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In celebration of the North American retail availability of the new 3DS handheld, Nintendo teamed up with Best Buy to host the official US launch event for the device. The event, which took place yesterday at Best Buy's Union Square location in New York City, featured playable demo stations for many of the initially available titles, including, but not limited to Asphalt 3D, Pilotwings Resort, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, and Steel Diver.

Attendees braved the unseasonably cold weather for the opportunity to be among the first in North America to purchase their new system; many waiting from as early on as noon on Saturday to do so. Best Buy and Nintendo offered several promotions to entice would-be buyers, including a free carrying case for the first 300 to buy the system, $15 off with the purchase of a 3DS unit and an accessory of their choice, and a fantastic flash deal on Foursquare, giving the first 200 to check in to the venue after 9pm a free $50 Best Buy gift card.



Giveaway: What Would You Do for a 3DS?

3DS Contest

What would you do to win a free Nintendo 3DS? Start coming up with those ideas! To enter - answer that question as with as much creativity and originality as you can. We want to know you want it, because we want to give it! So, what would you do for a shiny new Nintendo 3DS to call your own? Would you do a Mario dance? Dress up as Bowser at your workplace? Write a Zelda sonnet? Tell (or, even better Show) us!

Full details and rules follow after the jump.



3DS Records Piracy

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Despite the fact that the 3DS has only been on sale in Japan for two weeks, it has already been flooded with hacks. Such hacks allow a person to use a R4 cartridge to play so called "backups" of certain DS and gameboy games. These cartridges do not allow you to copy 3DS games.

Nintendo is responding to this potentially serious issue, and warns that it maintains a log of all hacked 3DS's. Although it is only a speculation at this point, it stands to reason that any and all hacked 3DS handhelds will be bricked in a future update.

According to Ian Curran, Vice President of THQ, the 3DS will do a good job of keeping pirates at bay, although he did not speak as to what specific anti-piracy measures will be put in place.

What are your thoughts on R4 cartridges and software piracy? Sound off in the comments!