Minecraft Review

Minecraft's younger XBLA brother does the brand proud.


The announcement that Minecraft was coming to XBLA was guaranteed to cause a great divide of anger from the PC-gaming faithful and rejoice from console gamers. The question of why Minecraft should be ported to a console is a valid one, with many gamers claiming it could only be a lesser version. The lack of mod support for this version alone is enough for most to turn their nose at the thought, and though updates are planned for the game, it has been said by Mojang, the game's developer, that the Xbox 360 Edition would be a bit behind it's PC counterpart. Yet with all of these things considered, is it not possible that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition could be up to par with, or even best its brother?


Perhaps the main draw of this version of Minecraft is how the player will experience the game: on a television, from the couch, controller in hand. The gameplay is the same addicting, tried-and-true formula that granted Mojang overnight success some three years ago. However, the 360 Edition boasts new additions like split-screen multiplayer and a crafting guide(!), the latter making Minecraft a heck of a lot easier for newcomers to pick up and play. This may dissuade fans of the original, as part of Minecraft's charm was essentially throwing the player in a sandbox with no directions. The basic concept of Minecraft remains untouched in the 360 Edition, but the need to remember each crafting recipe or keep a browser window open with a Minecraft wiki has been rendered unnecessary, and is better for it.