Age of Empires Online Review

Age Of Empires Online

The classic RTS franchise goes free to play.

Age of Empires is a well known and loved series in the RTS genre. The latest installment of the popular Age of Empires series plays nothing like any other game in the series. Age of Empires Online is the first game in the series to be free to play and use a micro transaction store as a means to make money from the game. The many changes to the series will be good for some and may invite a whole new audience, but fans of the previous installments may leave this game with a sour taste in their mouth. The most drastic difference between its predecessors is the bright cartoon feel of the game. Graphically the game is nothing like any other in the series. All of the other games have been realistic. The intro movies to the other games have been serious and sometimes inspiring, but Age of Empires Online does none of that. The trailer for the game is a funny. All in all the graphics of Age of Empires Online are well done if not somewhat cheesy, but it seems like that is exactly what they wanted the game to feel like. The game does look very pretty, but not prettier that Age of Empires 3. That game was graphically brilliant, but all of the colors in Age of Empires Online are bright giving the game a very cheery feel something that none of the previous games have had. The cartoony feel of the game  is not necessarily good or bad, but a fan of the older games may not be happy with this change.

Age Of Empires Online

At its core, this game plays like most other RTS titles. Developer Robot Entertainment has added some interesting RPG elements here, that make it less accessible for those looking solely for skirmish play. For better or worse, there is no skirmish mode to be found. Instead, players create a capital and receive quests from a few citizens in their kingdom. As these quests are completed, new in-game buildings and units are unlocked, experience is earned, and the level of the players' capital is increased. Fortunately, the quests are both varied and numerous. At its core, the capital city has something of a Sim City feel to it. Outside of the quests players will be building and expanding their capital.