Beyond Good and Evil HD Review

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Ubisoft and Michel Ancel's Beyond Good and Evil is back and getting a second chance at life in HD.

In the lush and vibrant planet Hillys things aren't quite what they seem. The normally peaceful planet is being attacked by the DomZ and the only military force around, the Alpha Sections, doesn't seem to be helping much. Enter our hero, a twenty-something female appropriately named Jade. As a photographer her main weapon throughout this action adventure is her camera as she works with the IRIS Network to uncover the truth about what's really going on. It's been described as the right game that came out at the wrong time, but even by today's standards it's still a little out of it's league.

Beyond Good & Evil

As a whole Beyond Good and Evil HD has little to complain about. Overall the controls aren't exceedingly difficult to learn, but like every other game they just take some getting used to. That said, for those who have played the original Xbox version, the controls have changed substantially. The only aspects that haven't noticeably changed in terms of maneuvers are the basic Jade and  hovercraft/Beluga movement controls. Ubisoft elected to switch the A and X action and defense buttons, the camera now uses the LB and RB which was a good choice on the redesigned controller, but the zoom and pan has been switched from the right joystick to zoom on the left stick and pan on the right stick.