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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor To Be Playable at PAX East

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Capcom has just announced that Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is not only coming to PAX East, but will be publicly playable for the first time. PAX East attendees will have the opportunity to play two separate missions in the upcoming kinect/controller hybrid title; promising both a Manhattan Beach Landing mission at Capcom's booth, and a mission set in downtown NYC at Microsoft's booth.

Additionally, Capcom has released a tutorial video, detailing the game's unique control scheme, and how to pilot a VT (vertical tank). Check it out below:

Steel Batalion: Heavy Armor will be available on June 19, 2012 - exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Kinect.


Mass Effect 3: Hands/Voice On Preview

Mass Effect 3: Better With Kinect

Following the announcement that Mass Effect 3 would support voice commands via Kinect, speculation has been running rampant as to how it was going to work. Microsoft and Bioware have revealed a tantalizing glimpse as to this Kinect exclusive functionality, and we were there first hand to try it out. Last week, at a special invite only press event, Bioware showed us exactly how seamless in-game voice command can be. Although it has been announced that the game will support voice both for dialog and commands, it was the latter that Bioware chose to showcase in this demo. In the demo, Shepard is tasked with saving a certain Krogan female from an onslaught of Cerberus operatives. This combat heavy segment was an ideal scenario to try out the new voice command functionality.

Mass Effect 3

After a brief introduction by one of the on-site Bioware representatives, we were given the opportunity to try the game for ourselves. Combat mechanics are virtually identical to that of Mass Effect 2, which was to be expected, but now have the added benefit of full voice support. Just about anything that was previously assigned to a button command (with the exception of fire and reload, both of which currently are controller only) can now be accessed simply by one's voice.



Halo: CE Anniversary Kinect Functionality Detailed, Classic Map Returns

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the upcoming remake of the FPS that spearheaded a now multi-million dollar franchise, is slated for release in a little under a month's time. Developer 343 Industries released several tantalizing new pieces of information about the game last weekend at New York Comic Con. Most notably, fan favorite multiplayer map Hang 'Em High will be making an appearance in the game, re-imagined and now called High Noon. Designed for team-based combat, this 4-12 player map will be instantly familiar to fans of the Xbox version of Halo, and is rife with platforms, corridors, and cover.

In addition, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary's oft-rumored Kinect functionality was detailed. Assuaging skepticism that adding Kinect support may detract from the Halo experience, the motion sensor provides several enhancements, all of them optional. These enhancements include voice commands, such as reloading, switching between original and remastered visuals on the fly, and throwing grenades, and analyze mode, which allows certain objects to be scanned, to populate a library of Halo lore. The library is a gesture based index of vehicles, characters, weapons, and more.



10 New Kinect Games To Be Unveiled At E3


E3 will undoubtedly be a big event for Nintendo fans, but Microsoft also has some exciting plans for the show. No less than 10 new games are slated to be announced at E3. Sources at Eurogamer said that these games will be directed at a more hardcore audience, and they wont be obvious. Another interesting tidbit is that Microsoft recently had a job posting for a studio that is focused on "Highly experimental gameplay." That could mean anything. According to Eurogamer, "Microsoft plans to triple the number of games available for Kinect by the end of 2011."

A list of the anticipated announcements follows after the jump.



Netflix Now Kinect Compatable


As promised Microsoft has released a Kinect compatible version of Netflix.  The functionality looks great. Players use simple motions to navigate the interface of movie selection and movie navigation. One major flaw with the Kinect version is that if a movie or show is not listed as one of the suggestions it says, "For more choices and search, use your controller." In other words players can't just wave their arms to watch any show they have to use a controller to search the Netflix database. Kotaku has already complained about it here.

The functionality doesn't look nearly as bad as they've said, but it feels like a half functional tool has been released. Netflix hardly ever suggests the exact show desired and eliminating the search functionality is a huge inconvenience. When Netflix was first released for the Wii, there was search option, but they quickly enhanced it and re-released it with the capability. Maybe Microsoft will do the same.

Via Joystiq