PSN to be Incrementally Restored this Week


At a news conference today in Tokyo, Kaz Hirai, executive president of Sony Corporation, announced that the play station network will return this week. After hackers gained access to information from nearly 77 million accounts, the network was taken down on April 20th.

The network will be reinstated through a regional release. Online multiplayer will be available right away along with Playstation Home access. Users will be prompted upon signing in to update there password immediately, and will be only be allowed to do so on the console they originally signed up for PSN on, or through the usage of a verified email address.

Sony has also stated that a "Welcome Back" program will be available that will give users a free month of Playstation Plus, while existing Plus subscribers will be given one extra month. Various other downloads will also be offered free. It's definitely a good start for Sony but they still face a long road in order to put this entire situation behind them. Here's hoping that Sony will recover swiftly.