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July 7, 2011 Posted by Gabe in Features

Opinion: Does Realism Matter?

Complaint Department

Gabe sounds off on a few complaints he's getting tired of seeing.

Our general community like to frequently argue among each other on the internet. These may consist of simple arguments, complex discussions, or just insignificant fights about which console is better. This is commonly accepted as being linked to the anonymity that one gains from the use of the internet. While the discussion today is not about this phenomenon in particular, it is about a very common side product that is produced upon each and every new video games announcement/release.

The game playing community has no shortage of those that like to complain. If their arguments make sense or not is irrelevant, the complaints are there. Due to this occurrence, what is seen happening is with every new game something about it has to be picked apart. A large amount of these complaints are, in basic terms, stupid (or ignorant if you'd rather call them that). The goal of what is hoped to be accomplished here is to help dissolve some of these petty complaints/reasoning's from future use. This should make more sense once the specifics are touched on later. Keep in mind not everything will be discussed but suggestions for future discussions will be accepted.

To get the biggest one out of the way let's go to the land of Call of Duty. With every release, the same complaint is starting to become more frequent: "It's just more of the same!". This leaves the question, why not? Everyone likes change, in fact many sequels wouldn't be nearly as fun without significant changes, an example is Assassin's Creed 2. A large amount of people enjoyed the first Assassin's Creed but it undoubtedly had its flaws while the sequel was put onto a pedestal and praised. The game, albeit fun, needed those improvements to help push sales and give people hope. For the time being, Call of Duty has no real purpose of relying on that during development.



Homefront Review

Homefront Logo

Homefront brings us a controversially close to home story.

Homefront is an atmospheric shooter that immerses players into their world. The setting is the most powerful part of the game. Any US patriot will cringe when they see the horrific images of Korea occupying The United States and killing innocent civilians. The game opens with a very thematic intro detailing the events leading up to the war and eventual Korean occupation, which includes a violent EMP blast that takes out most of the country.

Homefront Screenshot

The visuals are, for the most part, stellar. Skin, clothing, and weapons have great texture. That said, Kaos Studios skimped on a few items in game. In the refugee camp after the first mission there is a stack of firewood. The texture on the bark has detailed texture, but there is no space in between the individual logs. The whole set piece felt out of place. For the most part everything looks breathtaking. When enemies take headshots blood spurts out and it's pretty rewarding. This effect works well from a distance, but up close it looks more like dark red Jello coming out of people.



Pre-Order Homefront, Get an OnLive System

OnLive Microconsole

Cloud based gaming service OnLive has revealed a lucrative pre-order offer for THQ's soon to be released FPS, Homefront. As with competing service steam, they are including a free digital copy of Metro 2033 with all pre-orders.

In a surprising move, however, the incentives do not end there. From now until March 14th, and while supplies last, all OnLive subscribers who reserve their copy of Homefront will receive a voucher code redeemable for a free OnLive Microconsole (valued at $99)!

Subscribers will receive their code for a free Microconsole the same date the game is available, March 15.

For more information, click this link.