March 9, 2011 Posted by Gabe in Features

Casual Vs Hardcore

Casual vs Hardcore

Gabe sounds off on the Casual vs Hardcore debate.

There's an issue that always seems to arise but never gets the proper discussion it deserves. Without this people aren't able to actually comprehend it as well as they should be; The Casual Gamer debate. The word gamer is in and of itself a term that I personally am not entirely fond of either, but we'll avoid that discussion for the time being and focus solely on the 'Casual' portion. That said, what is a casual gamer? What is a hardcore gamer? More so, why the hell do so many people care what the status is on the opposite end of the spectrum?

Those are questions that are possible to be, but for the most part aren't, easily answered due to the lack of any valid reasoning. It's safe to assume that many people do not understand the distinction here, so a quick explanation of the two is in order. Casual Gamers are generally so classified due to their limited time to actually play games. They aren't able to take the time and play something extensively deep or complex, (such as Mass Effect,Elder Scrolls, or even Gears of War)that will require any real dedication to the story or gameplay. Ultimately, this results in the "norm" being that they will often turn to flash games, iPhone apps, or their ilk for a quick little time waster. This begs the question; why can't/won't they play some typically "hardcore" games over a short period of time? That's what I'm building up to here - They do.