From Dust Review

From Dust

Step up against Mother Nature and defend a primitive tribe against the elements as they search for the knowledge of the ancients.

Spanning huge maps filled with volcanoes, tsunamis, wildfires and torrential downpours, From Dust is a beautiful real-time nature simulator. Centered on a primitive tribe's quest to reunite with the ancients it is your job to keep them safe. In each level, players must locate the totems left behind by the ancients, rebuild and repopulate, safeguard them against the elements (by sending villagers to learn the knowledge stones) and then get to the passage way. Subtitles translate the information the Shaman is giving you at the beginning of each level, and from there you're on your own to decide how to solve the problems in a virtually limitless number of ways.

From Dust Screenshot

The tutorial levels are very basic, but provide the fundamentals you need to know for the rest of the game. The controls are amazingly easy; with the joysticks acting as movement and camera as we've come to expect, the triggers are used to pick up and drop whatever is grabbed, 'A' calls the villagers to a totem, stone of knowledge, or other points of interest; additionally, it allows the relocation of a populated totem and the d-pad controls the powers you earn. Players control the so-called "Breath" of the tribe and have the ability to pick up and relocate elements such as earth, water and lava. Each totem on the map will earns a different power, but you won't be earning the same powers every time; gelify water, put of fires, evaporate water, amplify your powers, have infinite amounts of dirt to release or just swallow everything in your path without having to drop it back down anywhere. While you have some God-like powers you are not God, your powers are limited not only in the amount of time you have to use them but by the amount of any one thing you can handle at once and can be taken away if the village at the totem where you earned the power was destroyed.