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Epic Impresses at GDC With UE3 Tech Demo

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This week at GDC, in a behind closed doors session, Mark Rein of Epic Games showcased the company’s new efforts towards a more superior form of graphical integration that would presumably effect the future of the gaming industry.

The Samaritan, a three minute video of an updated version of Unreal Engine would display what Mark Rein would describe as “what the next generation of gaming is going to be.”



Gears of War 3 Beta Update: Finalized Details


Since last week's vague announcement of the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta and its tentative details and projected date of mid-April, a fierce plague of anticipation had stricken the Xbox community. But, now, that same anticipation will surely grow to overwhelming avidity due to the newly confirmed official dates and details.

April 25th kicks off Epic Games’ forthcoming multiplayer beta for Gears of War 3. Still unsatisfied? Well, if this doesn’t suit your fancy, then with a purchase of Bulletstorm Epic Edition, April 18th will mark the beta’s start for you. However, do note that from the 18th to the 25th the only game mode that will be available will be Team Death Match, but all four map areas will be present.

As of the 25th, the beta will be in full force providing the 2 remaining game modes, Capture the Leader and King of the Hill. According to Microsoft the beta will also feature “special events and playlists”.

As mentioned previously, exclusive items will be available to those who participate in the beta. Once earned, these items can then be ported over to the full version of the game upon it’s launch on September 20. 2011. The full list of in-beta items follows after the jump.



Bulletstorm Review

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Campy, violent, and over the top - what's not to like?

Everyone has found themselves playing a game where, upon quick observation, it appears to be easier to charge that foe off the near by balcony instead of taking pot-shots at them. With most first person shooters on the market these days there is no doubt that a thought like that has crossed peoples mind in some form or another. While said ideas may not have been pushing someone off a balcony, there may have been some other crazy idea floating around in the old noggin. That's where Bulletstorm by People Can Fly and Epic Games comes in. Bearing that in mind, know this; Bulletstorm does not take itself seriously, nor does it want to be taken seriously.

Bulletstorm places the player in the shoes of Grayson Hunt, a pirate on the run with his cyborg pal Ishi, from a corrupt General. Granted, it's a basic and highly formulaic revenge plot, but going into Bulletstorm for the story is the equivalent of going into Metal Gear Solid 4 for that 10+ hours of uninterrupted gameplay. The story does have its share of twists and turns but nothing you wouldn't expect.

Bulletstorm Screenshot

There is something different though. Something interesting. This time, Epic sheds the traditional drab gray atmosphere in favor of a much more colorful environment. From the onset, Gray and Ishi encounter what was formally a huge resort planet, jammed pack with clubs, malls, and any other thing you'd expect on a planetary resort. Since then shit has hit the fan and it's not as family friendly as once was. That may be partially the fault of the feral tribes, cannibals, man-eating planets, and other beasts lurking about. Yet, unlike the lands most often seen in games with the color palettes of Fallout or Gears of War, color is bountiful. This world is filled with bright hues of multiple colors and excitement for good reason. What better excuse to make the world look fun by putting it in an environment that was made to grab vacationers attention? Albeit, the player can still be found fumbling around in the boring-old gray and brown areas we've all come to know and loathe. To the games benefit though, those happen to be few and far between.