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EA Download 2012 Wrap Up


EA held their annual E3 press conference earlier today, kicking things off with a new trailer for Dead Space 3, along with a stage demo for the game's just confirmed co-op mode. Featuring drop in, drop out 2 player, we are introduced to a new character: John Carver. Also introduced was a new, hoth-like ice planet, sometime during act 2 of the game. Opting for less of the atmospheric scares of the first two games, in favor of large scale action, Dead Space 3 will hit stores next February. Next up, came Madden 13. Madden fans can expect a new graphics engine, called infinity, as well as an all new connected careers gameplay mode. Connected careers mode has a story surrounding your league, along with a (fictitious) in-game virtual twitter feed.

On the social gaming front, just as The Sims did last year, Sim City is hitting Facebook in a big way. Sim City: Social will be free to play, and will be coming to Facebook within the next few weeks. On a second Sim City note, a new PC based version has been announced, featuring a new graphics engine, and in a series first, multiplayer. Sim City will be launching for the PC next February.



Warp Review

NEVER call Zero cute.


Take control of Zero, an alien captured by a government organization and taken deep below the sea to a government lab where testing is being done on a number of alien subjects. They've been stripped of their power source and condemned to a life of testing and behavioral analysis while the humans study their every move. With the need to escape, and maybe for a bit of revenge along the way, you have to make your way through the labyrinthine facilities collecting grub, destroying film canisters and finding other aliens while avoiding the armed soldiers and Commander who isn't going to let you escape without a fight.


Making your way out of this facility won't be easy. The halls are filled with security patrols that upgrade your equipment as they learn more about you and the rooms have scientists ready to press the panic button that will leave you trapped in the room while activating laser turrets and bring the armed soldiers right into the room with you. As you make your way through the areas you'll have to solve puzzles to get yourself through the areas safely and collect or destroy everything as you come across it. There will be back tracking, some areas can't be accessed until you earn morn powers through out the game. Collecting grubs and destroying canisters is technically more of a side quest (both of which can earn you achievements) but it's highly suggested that you collect as many grubs as you can get your hands on because they're used to upgrade your powers and will benefit you in the long run. Upgrades are done at checkpoints, but not every checkpoint is an upgrade station. Once you've found one though it will be added to your map so you can easily find it later on.



Star Wars: The Old Repubic Review

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The long awaited Star Wars MMO has finally been released. It is a direct sequel to the Knights of the Old Republic franchise, but the choice to make this an MMO has made it more than just a sequel, but a series of interconnected stories that make up what could be argued as multiple sequels to the game. It was an interesting move for the series, but is Star Wars The Old Republic worth the price to buy the game and pay the subscription fee to play? Another major question is will the game succeed? Or even will it go free to play like so many other MMOs this year? Read on to find out the details about the game and decide for yourself if you should make the plunge into The Old Republic.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republc's implementation of voiced characters gives the game an advantage over other MMOs for a few reasons. The first two in the series were voiced and changing that may have made the game feel less like its predecessors. In all seriousness no one reads the quest information in other MMOs. Players just click through as fast as they can so they can continue with the grind. All but a few quests are voiced even side quests, and many of them involve moral choices that a player must make in the end or during the quest.

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Mass Effect 3: Hands/Voice On Preview

Mass Effect 3: Better With Kinect

Following the announcement that Mass Effect 3 would support voice commands via Kinect, speculation has been running rampant as to how it was going to work. Microsoft and Bioware have revealed a tantalizing glimpse as to this Kinect exclusive functionality, and we were there first hand to try it out. Last week, at a special invite only press event, Bioware showed us exactly how seamless in-game voice command can be. Although it has been announced that the game will support voice both for dialog and commands, it was the latter that Bioware chose to showcase in this demo. In the demo, Shepard is tasked with saving a certain Krogan female from an onslaught of Cerberus operatives. This combat heavy segment was an ideal scenario to try out the new voice command functionality.

Mass Effect 3

After a brief introduction by one of the on-site Bioware representatives, we were given the opportunity to try the game for ourselves. Combat mechanics are virtually identical to that of Mass Effect 2, which was to be expected, but now have the added benefit of full voice support. Just about anything that was previously assigned to a button command (with the exception of fire and reload, both of which currently are controller only) can now be accessed simply by one's voice.



Battlefield 3: Caspian Border Trailer

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is going to be a bit more enhanced on the PC side than any of the consoles for the fact that it can support 64 players on one multiplayer map. EA shows off this feature in the video. This game shows quite a bit of promise here. It is especially amazing seeing the firefights going on on the ground during the flying scenes. There is so much happening at once. This may be the first game to actually simulate a battle in a a realistically large scale. Check out the video below.

Battlefield 3 will be released October 25, 2011 for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 platforms.

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