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Duke Nukem Forever Demo Availabile June 3

Duke Nukem Forever

2K Games has announced the availability of the Duke Nukem Forever demo. As revealed in the below video by Randy Pitchford, President and CEO of Gearbox Software, the demo will be available for download on June 3.

Note that this demo is exclusive to first access club members, and will be distributed via Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN. Need a first access club key? There are two ways to obtain one - either purchase a copy of Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, or pre-order Duke Nukem Forever from a participating retailer.

In addition to the demo, first access club members have the ability to access the members only area of the DNF Website, featuring concept art, wallpapers, the History of Duke Podcast and more. Duke Nukem Forever will be released June 14th in the United States, and June 10th internationally.


Giveaway: Are You Duke Enough?

Duke Nukem Forever

As anyone reading this is sure to be aware, Duke Nukem Forever, the once supposed "unpublishable game", is being released next month.

Are you excited? (and we mean REALLY excited?) It's time to prove it! If you think you've got what it takes to step in the shoes of everyone's favorite alien killing, babe loving, badass, read on.

In celebration of the upcoming release of Duke Nukem Forever, give us your best Duke-ism! What is a Duke-ism, you ask? Generally, a one-liner - something the infamous Duke Nukem would say; be it funny, or over the top, or just plain macho. The user with the best (read: most entertaining) Duke-ism will receive a copy of the Balls of Steel edition of Duke Nukem Forever, upon availability, for Xbox 360, along with a Brady Games strategy guide for the game.

That's not the best part, however. The best part? The winner will receive a recording of their Duke-ism, recorded by Jon St John, the voice of Duke Nukem himself!

Full details and rules follow after the jump.



Duke Nukem Forever Delayed Until June

Duke Nukem Forever Logo

After 12 plus years in development, and playable demos at both PAX Prime last fall, and PAX East this month, anticipation for Duke Nukem Forever is at a fever pitch. Unfortunately, fans of the infamous gum chewing, alien killing, bad ass are going to have to wait just a little while longer. Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software and Executive Producer of Duke Nukem Forever just announced that the game has been pushed back again; this time to June 14th in the United States, and June 10th internationally.

Gearbox had a bit of fun with the announcement; opting for a video, as opposed to the standard press release. In the video, Randy Pitchford was ecstatic because 2K and Gearbox are finally shipping the unshippable game. See the video for yourself here and remember: "Duke never comes early."

Are you excited about Duke Nukem Forever? Will you be picking it up this June? Sound off in the comments!