Dragon Quest X Announced

Dragon Quest X

Square Enix announced the newest installment in the popular Dragon Quest Series, Dragon Quest X. The game is coming to the Wii in 2012 and the Wii U at an unannounced date. The Wii U version will be graphically superior, but players with both versions will be able to play together. Square Enix has only released one screenshot of the game, as of this writing:

Dragon Quest X

The game will be an online RPG allowing both online and offline play. While offline players will be able to make allies with npcs to fill the roles that other players would normally occupy. The word massive was not used to describe the online play and any word on the scale of the multiplayer functions are just speculation. Players will create their own characters to use in this installment of Dragon Quest and players will be able to take on crafting jobs to create weapons and items for their players to use.

Via IGN News