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Tag: Capcom


Phoenix Wright 5 Named, Dated

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Logo

Capcom has announced the official North American name for the next Ace Attorney title. Formerly known as Ace Attorney 5 in the West, the fifth entry in the storied franchised is now called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.

Taking place some eight years after the titular lead's last appearance, Dual Destinies begins in a destroyed court room, and Phoenix Wright and the rest of the Wright Anything Agency are tasked with discovering the cause.

Check out the just released English language trailer after the jump!



Xbox E3 2012 Press Event Wrap Up

Xbox E3 2012

Microsoft just concluded their annual E3 press conference, and has opened the expo guns blazing. They kicked things off by showcasing eight minutes of Halo 4 single player, which highlighted a new, as yet to be named enemy and new UI elements. Following the stage demo, Ubisoft took the stage to introduce the sixth entry in the Splinter Cell franchise; Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Following Sam Fisher's renegade stint in prior entries, he is now back in an official capacity, as the leader of forth echelon. Blacklist features Kinect support, co-op, and spies vs mercs mode, and will ship sometime next spring.

A teaser trailer for the just announced Gears of War prequel was unveiled. Now officially known as Gears of War: Judgement, expect more information to come soon. Later, Yusef Mehdi, head of Xbox Marketing and Strategy, took the stage to announce new media and entertainment partnerships for the Xbox 360, as well as expanded bing voice search functionality. Soon, Xbox users will be able to search by genre, and the functionality will be expanded to 12 new countries, including Mexico. Four new entertainment providers - out of an additional 35 - were revealed; Nickelodeon, Paramount, Machinima, and Univision. In addition, expanded sports offerings were revealed; NBA, NHL, and new Watch ESPN functionality. Beyond third party entertainment, as largely anticipated, Microsoft has officially nixed the Zune Branding. Soon, Zune Music will be renamed to Xbox Music, and like Zune, will retain the branding across PC, Tablets, Xbox, and Windows Phone.



Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor To Be Playable at PAX East

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Capcom has just announced that Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is not only coming to PAX East, but will be publicly playable for the first time. PAX East attendees will have the opportunity to play two separate missions in the upcoming kinect/controller hybrid title; promising both a Manhattan Beach Landing mission at Capcom's booth, and a mission set in downtown NYC at Microsoft's booth.

Additionally, Capcom has released a tutorial video, detailing the game's unique control scheme, and how to pilot a VT (vertical tank). Check it out below:

Steel Batalion: Heavy Armor will be available on June 19, 2012 - exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Kinect.


Resident Evil 6 Confirmed, Dated

Resident Evil 6

After the recently launched viral campaign on Capcom has officially announced Resident Evil 6. Said to be heavily in development, this sequel to the multi-million selling survival horror franchise will blend action and horror elements, and in a series first, features both Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield as playable characters. While exact locations were not specified, expect the game to unfold on a global scale. According to executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, RE6 is "the most impressive Resident EvilĀ® title ever both in terms of scope and production values. We are all genuinely excited by the title and cannot wait to share it with the world". To go along with today's announcement, a short teaser trailer has been released; check it out after the jump.



Street Fighter X Tekken: First 10 Fighters Revealed

Street Fighter X Tekken

Undoubtedly two of gaming's most notorious fighter franchises, Capcom's Street Fighter and Namco's Tekken, will go toe-to-toe with one another in this spectacular brawler crossover that is Street Fighter X Tekken.

Today a small but delightful list of 10 combatants was revealed, 5 of the fighters from team Street Fighter, the other 5 from team Tekken.

Street Fighter Roster
*Ken Masters

Tekken Roster
*Kazuya Mishima
*Nina Williams

Though the roster is scarcely small at the moment Capcom has assured that the final roster for the game will be "in the dozens". Producer Yoshinori Ono has also hinted at more news on roster updates coming from E3 later this year. So be sure to check back for all the exciting updates.