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Giveaway: What Would You Do for a 3DS?

3DS Contest

What would you do to win a free Nintendo 3DS? Start coming up with those ideas! To enter - answer that question as with as much creativity and originality as you can. We want to know you want it, because we want to give it! So, what would you do for a shiny new Nintendo 3DS to call your own? Would you do a Mario dance? Dress up as Bowser at your workplace? Write a Zelda sonnet? Tell (or, even better Show) us!

Full details and rules follow after the jump.



3DS Records Piracy

Nintendo Logo

Despite the fact that the 3DS has only been on sale in Japan for two weeks, it has already been flooded with hacks. Such hacks allow a person to use a R4 cartridge to play so called "backups" of certain DS and gameboy games. These cartridges do not allow you to copy 3DS games.

Nintendo is responding to this potentially serious issue, and warns that it maintains a log of all hacked 3DS's. Although it is only a speculation at this point, it stands to reason that any and all hacked 3DS handhelds will be bricked in a future update.

According to Ian Curran, Vice President of THQ, the 3DS will do a good job of keeping pirates at bay, although he did not speak as to what specific anti-piracy measures will be put in place.

What are your thoughts on R4 cartridges and software piracy? Sound off in the comments!


Nintendo @ GDC: 3DS to get Netflix, New Mario Teased

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Reggie Fils-Amie, Nintendo's Chief Operating Officer, has just announced several new features for Nintendo's forthcoming 3DS handheld. A new partnership with AT&T for distribution of spot pass content, an upcoming Nintendo Channel for the 3DS, and perhaps the biggest surprise, planned Netflix Watch Instantly support for the portable, were all revealed.

This summer, the 3DS will become the next device - and first handheld gaming system - to support Netflix Instant Streaming, for video on the go.



3DS Launches in Japan

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo's latest handheld, the 3DS, is now available in Japan.  Thus far, the reviews have been nothing short of fantastic.  It will be released in North America March 27th. Until then we can read about the launch titles over in Japan.