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Winter Spectacular Day Four: Win Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure!

As 2011 comes to a close, the Winter Spectacular continues! The new year is upon us, but before 2012 hits, we *still* have another $600+ worth of prizes left to give away...

Today's prize is Activision's cute, and surprisingly high tech Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, in your choice of console. We're giving away a starter pack; which includes the game, the portal of power accessory, and 3 figures. Through the use of a cleverly inserted RFID reader, character data is stored directly onto the figures themselves!

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

How do you win this fun prize? It’s simple: find the hidden snowflake somewhere on our site (and no, the snowflake on this post doesn't count) Everyone who correctly identifies the location of the secret snowflake is entered to win! As the Winter Spectacular progresses, it will become harder to find the snowflake; if you get stuck, check out our Facebook page for clues. Submit your guess after the jump.



3DS to Drop to $170, Free Games For Early Adopters

Nintendo 3DS

Following slower than anticipated sales, Nintendo has officially announced a price drop for the 3DS handheld. Originally priced at $249.99 upon release last spring, the 3DS will now be $169.99, effective August 12. Early adopters of the system will be rewarded, via the just announced Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program. Over two phases, anyone who owns a 3DS System and visits the e-shop at least once before 11:59pm EST on August 11 will receive an assortment of 20 free virtual console games; 10 NES titles, and 10 Game Boy Advance titles. The former group will be freely available to 3DS Ambassadors first, and available for purchase later for everyone else. The GBA titles, however will remain exclusive to 3DS Ambassadors.

Nintendo's full press release, containing additional information, as well as an abbreviated list of titles available via the 3DS Ambassador program, follows after the jump.



Need for Speed: The Run Announced

Need for Speed: The Run

EA’s Black Box Studios is looking to take the racing genre to a whole new level of awesome with their forthcoming title, Need for Speed: The Run.

Players will find themselves gripping the wheel of some of the world’s most sleekest rides, charging down the road at over 200mph in a heart-pounding, adrenaline induced, cross-country “race for your life”. The adventure is set ablaze in San Francisco where you are “lured into an underground world of illicit, high-stakes racing.” Violent and explosive action will shortly thereafter ensue as you make your way towards New York, with loads of innocent by-standers getting in the way, and the law hot on your trail.



Super Monkey Ball 3D Review

Super Monkey Ball 3D

Super Monkey Ball makes its 3DS debut.

The Super Monkey Ball series has been slowly but steadily releasing new iterations each and every year. The games have crossed various platforms over the years and with the recent launch of the Nintendo 3DS, Sega has added another platform to its repertoire.

Super Monkey Ball Screenshot

The main mode of Super Monkey Ball 3D is the classic mode that fans are familiar with. The player is in control of a moving platform and must maneuver the monkey ball around the area. Each level has various bananas to collect and some feature hidden secret items. The levels are timed so there is definitely a level of skill involved. With 7 worlds to play and multiple levels in each, there is a lot of rolling to be had. The 3D effects on this game mode are very well done. The world sees depth and you can have more precise movements with the added angle.



Nintendo Holds 3DS Launch Event in NYC

3DS logo

In celebration of the North American retail availability of the new 3DS handheld, Nintendo teamed up with Best Buy to host the official US launch event for the device. The event, which took place yesterday at Best Buy's Union Square location in New York City, featured playable demo stations for many of the initially available titles, including, but not limited to Asphalt 3D, Pilotwings Resort, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, and Steel Diver.

Attendees braved the unseasonably cold weather for the opportunity to be among the first in North America to purchase their new system; many waiting from as early on as noon on Saturday to do so. Best Buy and Nintendo offered several promotions to entice would-be buyers, including a free carrying case for the first 300 to buy the system, $15 off with the purchase of a 3DS unit and an accessory of their choice, and a fantastic flash deal on Foursquare, giving the first 200 to check in to the venue after 9pm a free $50 Best Buy gift card.