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KickBeat Announced


Zen Studios, developer of the award winning Pinbal FX series, has announced a new game. Formerly known as ZenFu, KickBeat is an experimental, Playstation Vita exclusive, that will combine the elements of a 3D brawler with a rhythm game. It aims to replace the traditional arrows, bars, and button icons of other rhythm games with kung fu moves, while retaining the beat based mechanic. Additionally, KickBeat will feature a diverse soundtrack - featuring Papa Roach, Celloweller, Rob Zombie, POD, Marilyn Manson, and more.

Coinciding with the announcement, Zen Studios has released a teaser trailer for the game. Check it out below!

KickBeat will be released this summer, exclusively on the Playstation Vita.


New Halo 4 Details Revealed

Halo 4

Following the unveiling of Halo 4's box art last Monday, Microsoft has dropped some new information on this highly anticipated game. The first, and possibly most exciting reveal came in the form of Spartan Ops, a side story told in weekly episodes. Part of the just announced Halo Infinity Multiplayer, this new mode, playable in both single player and co-op, is essentially a separate campaign. Although it intersects with the main story, SO features its own cinematics, its own missions, and even its own set of characters - a new group of Spartans dubbed Majestic Squad. Access to Spartan Ops will be included with the game at no extra charge.

Additionally, competitive multiplayer has been renamed as War Games in Halo 4. Although light on details, expect enhancements to loadout and player progression, as well as "fresh, immersive new game modes". The ability to augment your Spartan using combat enhancements (specializations, as they will be known in this game was also outed. Last, but certainly not least, a limited edition SKU of the game has been announced.



Skyrim DLC Teased

Skyrim: Dawnguard

Skyrim's soon to be unveiled DLC now has a name: Dawnguard. This teaser image is, as of this writing, the only available information on the DLC. That said, this elusive content pack is purportedly further along in development than we may think, and is slated to be released sometime this summer. Dawnguard will be a timed exclusive on the Xbox 360.

Expect further information, up to and including a full reveal, at E3 next month.


Powers Boothe To Voice New Hitman Absolution Character

Hitman: Absolution

Veteran character actor Powers Boothe, most notably known for his roles in Deadwood, 24, and Sin City will be lending his voice to a character in Hitman: Absolution. One of two new characters just announced earlier this afternoon, Boothe will be voicing ICA Agent Benjamin Travis. Additionally, Shannyn Sossamon, of A Knight's Tale and 40 days and 40 nights fame will be taking the role of Jade, Travis' secretary.

Both actors will not only be voicing their respective characters, but will also be doing motion and performance capture for them as well. Along with this announcement, Square/Enix has released two new videos; the first, an ICA files dossier on Benjamin Travis, the second, an interview with the actors regarding their respective characters, and role in the game.

Check out the new videos after the jump.

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Serious Sam 3: BFE Now Available for Mac

Serious Sam 3: BFE

Devolver Digitial's bombastic third entry in the Serious Sam franchise, Serious Sam 3:BFE, is now available for the Mac. This prequel takes place before the first game, and is intentionally devoid of a cover system; instead focusing on speed and over the top action. Fittingly, a new, and distinctly Mac inspired trailer has been released. Watch it below!

Serious Sam 3: BFE is available for download via Steam, and until April 30th, is 66% off ($13.90).