SplashCast 9/27/11 - Edmund McMillen Interview

Edmund McMcMillen

In this episode of the SplashCast, we welcome special guest and one half of Team Meat, Edmund McMillen. Edmund discusses everything from the future of Meat Boy, to his journey from artist to indie game developer, to his new roguelike The Binding of Isaac.

Absolutely nothing is out of bounds here - Edmund is candid, and clearly passionate about his work. That said, a brief word of warning: this podcast does contain some adult language, and may not be appropriate for listeners under the age of 16.

As an added bonus, listen for the top three games that inspired The Binding of Issac. Tell us by this Saturday, October 1st what they were at contest(at)gamesplash.net - for a chance to win a Super Meat Boy Ultra Editon!

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A full list of credits and topics discussed follows after the jump.