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Is Ouya The Future Of Gaming?


In case there’s anyone who still hasn’t heard, sometime next year there will be a new entrant in the console war. This one isn’t made made by a major game company, won’t feature the latest and greatest technology, and will ship with a modest price tag of $99. This console is called Ouya (pronounced OOO-yah) and is being designed and developed by a an-star team of industry experts, including Julie Uhrman and Yves Béhar. Their goal for this project is stated on their kickstarter page; they plan to revolutionize the home console industry, shifting the focus from major developers and publishers to small developers, home gamers, and anyone who may want to tinker with their console. On top of that, each game developed for the Ouya must have aspect that is free-to-play, whether it be a demo or the full game.

The initial response to the announcement and the Kickstarter campaign was overwhelming, and many questions arose regarding the potential of the console. The campaign launched asking for $950 thousand, a number was was surpassed in less than eight hours, showing that many had faith in the console and supported the idea of ‘open gaming.’ Others were more skeptical, wondering why more information hadn’t been released when the campaign kicked off. There was no controller, only an image which displayed half of one possible design. There were no confirmed games, although the Kickstarter page made it seem like Minecraft was guaranteed to be on the console. Some feared the android-based console would only further fragment the android app market.



Scariest Video Game Characters

Halloween is here again and who would we be to ignore it? With some of us on staff not actively trick-or-treating tonight we thought what better way to spend the evening than to do some long overdue reading? Well that seemed like a horrible idea so instead we all chipped in and picked our two scariest video game characters of all time. Not that any of us here at Gamesplash get scared or anything.

Chris Chris's Picks

Zoltan "Carno" Carnovasch (Phantasmagoria)


This magician turned serial killer may seem harmless enough, until the demon he so foolishly summoned begins to take over. When that happens, watch out! Much like John Doe from Se7en, Carno had a penchant for dispatching his victims in a manner befitting of their lifestyle. Like to eat? Carno would force you to eat entrails until you choke. Like to garden? Carno would have buried you alive in potting soil. Although nearly a century has transpired since his passing, the demonic presence he unearthed remains - ready to strike its next unsuspecting victim...

Wheatley (Portal 2)


Although Wheatley began as a somewhat moronic personality core, his rise to madness became all too apparent in Portal 2's final act. Obsessed with the sense of euphoria testing brings, and willing to go to great lengths to get it, Wheatley is as psychotic as he is naive. Unlike GLaDOS, who despite her occasional murderous intentions, ultimately had a conscience, Wheatley has no such traits. Only in the face of utter defeat, having failed to kill Chell, did he show some semblance of remorse, and even then, only due to the unfortunate circumstance he had wound up in. Who would have thought someone initially so helpful, so downright pleasant could turn out into a Machiavelli reading, power hungry, killing machine?



SplashCast 9/27/11 - Edmund McMillen Interview

Edmund McMcMillen

In this episode of the SplashCast, we welcome special guest and one half of Team Meat, Edmund McMillen. Edmund discusses everything from the future of Meat Boy, to his journey from artist to indie game developer, to his new roguelike The Binding of Isaac.

Absolutely nothing is out of bounds here - Edmund is candid, and clearly passionate about his work. That said, a brief word of warning: this podcast does contain some adult language, and may not be appropriate for listeners under the age of 16.

As an added bonus, listen for the top three games that inspired The Binding of Issac. Tell us by this Saturday, October 1st what they were at contest(at) - for a chance to win a Super Meat Boy Ultra Editon!

Download this episode below:


A full list of credits and topics discussed follows after the jump.


July 7, 2011 Posted by Gabe in Features

Opinion: Does Realism Matter?

Complaint Department

Gabe sounds off on a few complaints he's getting tired of seeing.

Our general community like to frequently argue among each other on the internet. These may consist of simple arguments, complex discussions, or just insignificant fights about which console is better. This is commonly accepted as being linked to the anonymity that one gains from the use of the internet. While the discussion today is not about this phenomenon in particular, it is about a very common side product that is produced upon each and every new video games announcement/release.

The game playing community has no shortage of those that like to complain. If their arguments make sense or not is irrelevant, the complaints are there. Due to this occurrence, what is seen happening is with every new game something about it has to be picked apart. A large amount of these complaints are, in basic terms, stupid (or ignorant if you'd rather call them that). The goal of what is hoped to be accomplished here is to help dissolve some of these petty complaints/reasoning's from future use. This should make more sense once the specifics are touched on later. Keep in mind not everything will be discussed but suggestions for future discussions will be accepted.

To get the biggest one out of the way let's go to the land of Call of Duty. With every release, the same complaint is starting to become more frequent: "It's just more of the same!". This leaves the question, why not? Everyone likes change, in fact many sequels wouldn't be nearly as fun without significant changes, an example is Assassin's Creed 2. A large amount of people enjoyed the first Assassin's Creed but it undoubtedly had its flaws while the sequel was put onto a pedestal and praised. The game, albeit fun, needed those improvements to help push sales and give people hope. For the time being, Call of Duty has no real purpose of relying on that during development.


March 9, 2011 Posted by Gabe in Features

Casual Vs Hardcore

Casual vs Hardcore

Gabe sounds off on the Casual vs Hardcore debate.

There's an issue that always seems to arise but never gets the proper discussion it deserves. Without this people aren't able to actually comprehend it as well as they should be; The Casual Gamer debate. The word gamer is in and of itself a term that I personally am not entirely fond of either, but we'll avoid that discussion for the time being and focus solely on the 'Casual' portion. That said, what is a casual gamer? What is a hardcore gamer? More so, why the hell do so many people care what the status is on the opposite end of the spectrum?

Those are questions that are possible to be, but for the most part aren't, easily answered due to the lack of any valid reasoning. It's safe to assume that many people do not understand the distinction here, so a quick explanation of the two is in order. Casual Gamers are generally so classified due to their limited time to actually play games. They aren't able to take the time and play something extensively deep or complex, (such as Mass Effect,Elder Scrolls, or even Gears of War)that will require any real dedication to the story or gameplay. Ultimately, this results in the "norm" being that they will often turn to flash games, iPhone apps, or their ilk for a quick little time waster. This begs the question; why can't/won't they play some typically "hardcore" games over a short period of time? That's what I'm building up to here - They do.