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Author: Chris Poirier

Utilizing his prior editorial, writing, and marketing experience, Chris is now Editor in Chief of He is a gamer of 20+ years, an Xbox Ambassador, and a frequent early adopter of all things tech.

Giveaway: What Would You Do for a 3DS?

3DS Contest

What would you do to win a free Nintendo 3DS? Start coming up with those ideas! To enter - answer that question as with as much creativity and originality as you can. We want to know you want it, because we want to give it! So, what would you do for a shiny new Nintendo 3DS to call your own? Would you do a Mario dance? Dress up as Bowser at your workplace? Write a Zelda sonnet? Tell (or, even better Show) us!

Full details and rules follow after the jump.



Nintendo @ GDC: 3DS to get Netflix, New Mario Teased

GDC Logo

Reggie Fils-Amie, Nintendo's Chief Operating Officer, has just announced several new features for Nintendo's forthcoming 3DS handheld. A new partnership with AT&T for distribution of spot pass content, an upcoming Nintendo Channel for the 3DS, and perhaps the biggest surprise, planned Netflix Watch Instantly support for the portable, were all revealed.

This summer, the 3DS will become the next device - and first handheld gaming system - to support Netflix Instant Streaming, for video on the go.



Pre-Order Homefront, Get an OnLive System

OnLive Microconsole

Cloud based gaming service OnLive has revealed a lucrative pre-order offer for THQ's soon to be released FPS, Homefront. As with competing service steam, they are including a free digital copy of Metro 2033 with all pre-orders.

In a surprising move, however, the incentives do not end there. From now until March 14th, and while supplies last, all OnLive subscribers who reserve their copy of Homefront will receive a voucher code redeemable for a free OnLive Microconsole (valued at $99)!

Subscribers will receive their code for a free Microconsole the same date the game is available, March 15.

For more information, click this link.


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