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Archive for May 2013


Shadow Warrior Reboot Announced

3D Realms' (other) cult hit, Shadow Warrior, is getting reimagined this fall, courtesy of indie developer Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital. As was true with the original, the new SW will follow the exploits of corporate shogun Lo Wang, tasked with acquiring the legendary Nobitsura Kage blade, and battling all manner of evil demons along the way. As with the Duke Nukem serheies before it, Lo Wang has always been a protagonist with a personality, brandishing his own special combination of guns, blade, magic, and wit.

Check out the first batch of screenshots from the game below:

Shadow Warrior will be available this fall on Steam, and is coming to next gen consoles sometime next year.


Phoenix Wright 5 Named, Dated

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Logo

Capcom has announced the official North American name for the next Ace Attorney title. Formerly known as Ace Attorney 5 in the West, the fifth entry in the storied franchised is now called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.

Taking place some eight years after the titular lead's last appearance, Dual Destinies begins in a destroyed court room, and Phoenix Wright and the rest of the Wright Anything Agency are tasked with discovering the cause.

Check out the just released English language trailer after the jump!