The Walking Dead The Game: Episode 3 Review

The Walking Dead

With the heartbreaking and foreboding end of episode two behind us, we rejoin Lee and the other survivors, at most, a few days later. Tensions are high as supplies continue to dwindle and a traitor is suspected amongst the group. Having survived for just over three months and watched as downtown Macon has been destroyed by both the walkers and those that thought they could help the lack of hope and food is starting to take it's toll. Zombie's are walking the Earth, how could it really get any worse?

The Walking Dead Episode 3

There are no easy choices in this game. No matter what you do it will affect the people around you and how they treat you. Most importantly, choices you made back in the first two episodes could come back to hurt you now.  Depending on who you've sided with or tried to save, or not save, in the past you have the potential to be shunned out of future plans. At least that's what they want you to worry about. Up until this point it seemed like there were several different ways this story could go but if you choose to play through multiple times and make different choices you'll still end up in the same situations and still be guided a long the same path. In many cases a character you previously chose to save over another will find their demise no matter what you do. On one hand it makes sense, obviously there has to be a main goal for the characters but when so much emphasis has been placed on the players choices and figuring out so soon how it all leads to the same place anyway it's a bit disappointing. It shouldn't stop you from playing though, the story is still incredibly well written and as stated in our review of episode one, the dialogue is a key factor to the telling of this story. Telltale really managed to step it up and keep the important parts of the game moving quickly with the time limit on performing actions and deciding what to say. Somehow, through all the violence and terror they still find ways to stick in some brief moments of humor. Not all of the choices work out the way you'd think from the phrase at the bottom. Through tone of voice and additional dialogue you weren't expecting what you might of thought was something nice or comforting to say can quickly turn into an angry hurtful conversation.

The Walking Dead Episode 3

The controls haven't changed, though Telltale did manage to update the graphic to show you how to play on a PC rather then having the useless XBOX controls. It's all very simple. W,A,S,D  or the arrow keys to navigate and the mouse scroll and button to choose actions or dialogue options. It can be a bit difficult in the more intense moments trying to aim with the mouse because it doesn't travel smoothly across the page and it doesn't follow along on the screen. You need to constantly be repositioning the mouse to keep it hanging around front and center. It's not hard to get used to but it's good to know if you happen to be attacked and suddenly have no idea where your cursor is. The cursor's default action when scanning an area is to just look at something. For the most part it's an incredibly useless feature to have and doesn't let you have much additional information. Mostly it will cause you trouble when you're being attacked and you go to grab your weapon but all that you do is look at it. It seems overly complicated for something so time sensitive. Either you grab the weapon or you get eaten. Why would anyone just casually glance over at their only piece of defense?

The Walking Dead Episode 3

The voice acting, soundtrack and graphics still hold up to the high quality we were introduced to in episode one, and that we've come to expect from Telltale. The emotion in the voices really helps you connect with the characters and their situation and, like all good soundtracks should, it definitely builds up the action and suspense without being too obvious or overbearing against the dialogue. Overall, Long Road Ahead is a worthy third entry to the series, that, despite a few minor annoyances, is still an incredibly fun game with a great story that keeps you on your toes and leaves you wanting more/

A gripping story is coupled with a handful of action sequences. As has been the case previously, certain key player choices have a role to play.
Stellar voice acting and soundtrack keeps players involved in the game and sympathetic towards the characters.
The same comic-like style of the first two episodes, still as well suited to the material as ever.
Once again, controls are an easy to use combination of mouse and WASD.
At its core, Long Road Ahead is essentially an emotionally charged choose your own adventure. Telltale has crafted an action/adventure that successfully walks the line between a game and a work of interactive fiction.
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