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Archive for August 2012


Steam to Expand Beyond Games


Valve has announced today that Steam's offerings will be expanded beyond games. Beginning next month, a wide range of software - from creativity to productivity, will begin going on sale via steam. Although an exact list of titles were not available as of this writing, many of them will utilize key SteamWorks features; including Steam Cloud and automatic updates. New software will be added regularly, and additional submissions are encouraged via Steam's Greenlight community voting program.

Support for non-gaming software is slated to launch September 5th. Stay tuned for more information, along with a partial list of available titles in the coming weeks.


Dishonored Voice Actors Revealed


Following their longstanding tradition of using top notch voice talent as much as possible, Bethesda has announced an all-star cast for the upcoming First Person Shooter, Dishonored. Ranging from Academy Award winners to fan favorites, voice actors (and their respective roles include) the following:

* Susan Sarandon as the deranged former aristocrat, Granny Rags
* Brad Dourif as Piero the inventor
* Michael Madsen as Daud, a mysterious assassin
* Chloƫ Moretz as Young Lady Emily

Rounding out this star studded cast are John Slattery, Lena Hadley, and Hollywood icon Carrie Fisher. Additionally, Dexter composer Daniel Licht will be creating the game's musical score.

Dishonored will be available October 9th, 2012 in North America (October 12th in Europe), and will be available on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Games for Windows platforms.