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Archive for April 2012


Powers Boothe To Voice New Hitman Absolution Character

Hitman: Absolution

Veteran character actor Powers Boothe, most notably known for his roles in Deadwood, 24, and Sin City will be lending his voice to a character in Hitman: Absolution. One of two new characters just announced earlier this afternoon, Boothe will be voicing ICA Agent Benjamin Travis. Additionally, Shannyn Sossamon, of A Knight's Tale and 40 days and 40 nights fame will be taking the role of Jade, Travis' secretary.

Both actors will not only be voicing their respective characters, but will also be doing motion and performance capture for them as well. Along with this announcement, Square/Enix has released two new videos; the first, an ICA files dossier on Benjamin Travis, the second, an interview with the actors regarding their respective characters, and role in the game.

Check out the new videos after the jump.

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Serious Sam 3: BFE Now Available for Mac

Serious Sam 3: BFE

Devolver Digitial's bombastic third entry in the Serious Sam franchise, Serious Sam 3:BFE, is now available for the Mac. This prequel takes place before the first game, and is intentionally devoid of a cover system; instead focusing on speed and over the top action. Fittingly, a new, and distinctly Mac inspired trailer has been released. Watch it below!

Serious Sam 3: BFE is available for download via Steam, and until April 30th, is 66% off ($13.90).


Halo 4 Dated

Halo 4

The highly anticipated forth chapter in the storied Halo franchise now has a release date. Today, developer 343 industries announced that Halo 4 will be available on November 6, 2012. Although Halo 3 brought closure to the original trilogy, many questions were left unanswered in regards to Master Chief and Cortana. This game will answer some of them, and serves as the first chapter in a new canonical saga in the Halo universe. To mark the occasion, Rooster Teeth has released a special "Save the Date" episode of Red Vs. Blue. Check it out below!

Information surrounding Master Chief's latest adventure has been deliberately scant, but fans of the series can watch "Conan", tonight at 11pm EST/10pm CDT on TBS for a special preview segment.


Extended Cut DLC Announced for Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Following an outcry of fan feedback in response to Mass Effect 3's controversial, and somewhat ambiguous endings, Bioware has announced new Extended Cut downloadable content is in the works. While little specifics were given, Bioware has stated that while the new DLC will not change the conclusion of the game outright. It will, however, answer many questions that the were originally left unanswered, with the addition of new cinematics and epilogue scenes. Bioware has been listening to their fans, and has struck what they believe to be a creative balance; addressing concerns over the ending, without compromising their artistic integrity in the process.

The Extended Cut DLC will be freely available for all versions of the game sometime this summer.

Via Bioware Blog


Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor To Be Playable at PAX East

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Capcom has just announced that Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is not only coming to PAX East, but will be publicly playable for the first time. PAX East attendees will have the opportunity to play two separate missions in the upcoming kinect/controller hybrid title; promising both a Manhattan Beach Landing mission at Capcom's booth, and a mission set in downtown NYC at Microsoft's booth.

Additionally, Capcom has released a tutorial video, detailing the game's unique control scheme, and how to pilot a VT (vertical tank). Check it out below:

Steel Batalion: Heavy Armor will be available on June 19, 2012 - exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Kinect.