Scariest Video Game Characters

Halloween is here again and who would we be to ignore it? With some of us on staff not actively trick-or-treating tonight we thought what better way to spend the evening than to do some long overdue reading? Well that seemed like a horrible idea so instead we all chipped in and picked our two scariest video game characters of all time. Not that any of us here at Gamesplash get scared or anything.

Chris Chris's Picks

Zoltan "Carno" Carnovasch (Phantasmagoria)


This magician turned serial killer may seem harmless enough, until the demon he so foolishly summoned begins to take over. When that happens, watch out! Much like John Doe from Se7en, Carno had a penchant for dispatching his victims in a manner befitting of their lifestyle. Like to eat? Carno would force you to eat entrails until you choke. Like to garden? Carno would have buried you alive in potting soil. Although nearly a century has transpired since his passing, the demonic presence he unearthed remains - ready to strike its next unsuspecting victim...

Wheatley (Portal 2)


Although Wheatley began as a somewhat moronic personality core, his rise to madness became all too apparent in Portal 2's final act. Obsessed with the sense of euphoria testing brings, and willing to go to great lengths to get it, Wheatley is as psychotic as he is naive. Unlike GLaDOS, who despite her occasional murderous intentions, ultimately had a conscience, Wheatley has no such traits. Only in the face of utter defeat, having failed to kill Chell, did he show some semblance of remorse, and even then, only due to the unfortunate circumstance he had wound up in. Who would have thought someone initially so helpful, so downright pleasant could turn out into a Machiavelli reading, power hungry, killing machine?

Scott Scott's Picks

Snork (Stalker Series)


This mutated bloodsucking monster is the scariest monster in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. In the dark and at first glance the Snork looks almost human, but the dehumanization of their faces really makes these guys frightening. At one point in time they were soldiers or stalkers that have been mutated into monsters that still maintain their gas-masks.

Now this guy might not look like much in the light, but abandoned complex or sewers in the middle of an irradiated hell is what they call home. They usually wait in the dark or hide until the players nice and close. The Snork's preferred method of killing is pouncing and then pummeling their victim with kicks and scratches. The Snork is not that tough to beat with a shotgun, but for the jumpy players out there it's the perfect fright. They are alone for the first few times the player encounters them within the game, but there are usually more later on. After finishing off the first one it racks the nerves just waiting for more to jump out of the dark.

Gary (Fallout 3)


Gary from Fallout 3 is a combination of sick experiments and a dark setting (an eroding vault filled with clones of the same man, each one a lunatic) that makes this guy a fright to remember. Gary was the subject of a cloning experiment in Vault 108; None of which ended well for the scientists. Gary was cloned around 54 times and each clone became much more violent to anyone that wasn't also a clone. As the number of clones exceeded the capacity for living space in the vault the scientists decided to kill off some of them. The clones brutally objected to this, slaughtering the scientists and taking over the vault for themselves. You never do stumble upon the original Gary and it appears his clones are the only survivors of the incident that took place within the vault.

Though the fights are equally amusing (as a result of "Gary's" only repeating their name), wondering what happened to Gary can lead to some dark places.The real fright of the situation is that the player can blow off Gary's head with a shotgun, then have Gary charge at them with a knife, while Gary steps out of the next room and shoots at them with a 10mm pistol. While not scary and horrifying as modern day monsters, killing an enemy that never seems to die over and over is the thing nightmares are made of.

Gabe Gabe's Picks

Watson (Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis)


While a video game based off of Sherlock Holmes is probably the lowest on anyone's list as to being host to scary characters, there's one that just jumps right out. Watson. Watson on his own is admittedly a pretty lovable chap, however there's a major issue in this game that results in a less than favorable affect. Watson has no walking animation. How does this result in a scary character some may ask? Well the developers wanted the players to have easy access to Watson when he was needed so they made him always at Holmes's side. Always. What this means is that where ever the player turns, where ever they go, he's there waiting. He's behind every corner, in every room, always waiting. Always watching.

Witch (Left 4 Dead Series)


This is one most everyone should be familiar with to some degree. The Witch from the popular Left4Dead series isn't quite the nicest thing to have to be around. The witches appearance, while scary was trumped by the physical attributes of the Spitter from Left4Dead2. That doesn't change the fact that once you hear the witch crying the entire group of survivors goes on red alert. This infected individual is so unnerving that players that have gone through the game countless times just aren't used to this she-devil yet. If the players are lucky they won't even find the Witch, if they're not it'll be around that next corner with their lights shining in its face.

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