New Xbox 360 Disc Format Incompatible With Some Consoles

Xbox 360

Microsoft has devised a method to add an additional gigabyte of storage on Xbox 360 game discs. This portion of the disc was previously reserved for anti Piracy and DVD audio tracks. Microsoft decided to remove those portions from the DVDs to free up space for developers to use. Microsoft is developing a firmware update for all Xbox 360 consoles which enables them to read these new updated discs. The update will be officially released later today, May 19. Allowing more data to be written on their DVDs will make the Xbox 360 have a longer life span on the market.

There is a known problem with the update though. It crashes some machines and makes them unable to read discs. Microsoft has proved themselves to be generous to their customers and have promised replace all affected machines. No matter what the current system users have anyone with an affected system will receive both an Xbox 360 250 gig slim model and a 12 month subscription to XBLA.

It has already affected one user, Avery Penn, but he promptly received the below email from Microsoft with instructions on how to redeem his new system.

Xbox Support Email

Certain older Xbox 360 consoles may generate an "unsupported disc" error after taking the firmware update. Microsoft is trying to proactively find and identify these now faulty units, on a case by case basis. If, after installing the new firmware, this situation applies, users are encouraged to contact Xbox Support so that the issue may be remedied as soon as possible.

Via Geek.com

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